Teen Wolf season 4, episode 9, “Perishable,” has just finished airing. Our recap explains everything that went down in Beacon Hills this week.

Teen Wolf season 4, episode 9, titled “Perishable,” begins with Parrish inside his car while Deputy Haigh, of all people, lights his car on fire. Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles go to the sheriff and wonder if her grandmother isn’t as dead as everyone thought she was.

Before they can explore that option further, though, Parrish shows up at the precinct, definitely still alive, and attacks Haigh.

Lydia takes Parish to Scott and Derek and tries to explain to him that he’s a little bit different from most people. But Derek, unfortunately, has no idea what Parish could be.

Back at the hospital, Sheriff Stilinski is being prepped for surgery after catching a bullet in the shoulder. He and Stiles argue about whose job it is to take care of the other, and it’s a touching moment that ends when the sheriff starts feeling pretty mellow from all the morphine in his system.

As the group ponders how many professional — and non-professional — assassins are out there hunting them, Liam’s printer starts going crazy and printing off copies of the Dead Pool. A lot of names are already crossed off, and it seems to be narrowing down to just our heroes.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Perishable Liam

Lydia begins to tell the others about her family’s history. Her grandmother, Lorraine, loved another woman named Maddie. One day, Lorraine heard a storm even though there were blue skies outside the window. She called Maddie, who was planning a boat trip, to tell her to be careful. Maddie went out on the boat anyway, and died in a freak storm.

Afterwards, Lorraine did everything she could in order to learn about her abilities. Most of it didn’t work, until she found Meredith, who she ended up driving insane with her various experiments. It was Lorraine who created the code for the list, and it was Lorraine who left the note for Lydia.

In the next scene, Scott finds the gun Braeden gave Derek and then tells him his name is what broke the third Dead Pool. Scott tries to tell Derek he’s in danger, but Derek has no problem being blunt: “Scott, banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death.”

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Perishable Scott 3

Scott counts the money that’s still under his bed, but decides to just put it back. Is he still struggling with whether or not to keep it? Liam, meanwhile, is definitely struggling. He keeps seeing the Berzerkers at every turn, and it’s obvious this whole situation is really taking its toll on him.

Stiles and Lydia continue to pour over the code Lorraine Martin left for her, and it’s only when she remembers her affinity with The Little Mermaid that she breaks the code. The last cypher key is Ariel, which shows them the list Lydia’s grandmother is on.

All across town, it seems, printers are going off and releasing the Dead Pool to everyone. Only this is an updated version. Derek is off the list, presumably because he’s fully human now, and Liam has been upgraded to a whopping $18 million.

Parish looks up the people on the list and realizes they’re all dead — they all committed suicide at Eichen House.

With the party at full swing at the school, Scott makes his way through the crowd. Malia and Liam are both trying to get drunk, even though Scott says it won’t work on them. And Liam still refuses to talk to Mason about his problems.

Lydia and Stiles visit Brunski and bribe him to let them into the Eichen House files. At the party, Malia and Liam appear to be drunk.

We don’t have time to dwell on that, though, because back at Eichen House, Stiles’ name ends up on the new list and Brunski reveals that he knows a lot more than he has let on in the past.

Braeden once again impersonates a U.S. Marshall and interrogates Haigh. Or, well, just punches him in the face. Scott figures out it’s the music making them weak, not the drinks. And at Eichen House, Brunkski makes Lydia listen to the tape of her grandmother’s murder. On the tape, Lorraine tells Brunski not to hurt her granddaughter.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Perishable Scott 2

Two more assassins show up and gather Scott, Liam, and Malia, dousing them in gasoline.

Mason saves the day by turning off the music, allowing Scott to come back to his senses. Derek and Braeden get there right on time and help him stop the assassins for good.

And speaking of good timing, Parish has an impeccable sense of it. He saves Lydia from Brunski, and shoots him in the process.

And then the Benefactor is finally revealed. It was Meredith all along! Did you guess it correctly?

Our favorite ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 9, ‘Perishable,’ quotes

“We’re supposed to take care of each other.” – Stiles

“Because statistically speaking, someone on your team has got to be on my team.” – Mason

“Scott, banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death.” – Derek

“I don’t wanna talk about Stiles. I just wanna dance and get drunk.” – Malia

“It’s not him. He’s not the benefactor.” – Lydia

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