1:00 pm EST, March 7, 2014

‘Teen Wolf’ season 4: Beacon Hills High adds a new teacher

Teen Wolf season 4 is adding new characters left and right, and this time Beacon Hills High is the lucky recipient of a new teacher.

In a new spoiler chat with E! Online, the site announces that a new teacher will be added to the roster next season.

The teacher’s name will be Ms. Fleming, and she’ll be teaching math.

E! also hints that perhaps Ms. Fleming’s fate could be sinister. They say, “We all know what seems to happen to teachers on Teen Wolf…”

Previous teachers on Teen Wolf have not gotten off easy. At least two of them, including chemistry teacher Mr. Harris, ended up as sacrifices for the Darach. The Darach herself, Jennifer Blake, was also a teacher, and ended up getting her throat slashed by the end of Teen Wolf season 3A.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Coach Finstock, who got an arrow in his stomach a few episodes ago.

Things aren’t looking bright for Ms. Fleming, but there is a chance she could come out of Teen Wolf season 4 alive, even if that chance is slim to none.

Previous season 4 information includes the fact that we’ll be returning to 12 episodes per season, instead of the 24 we had in season 3.

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We also learned about a new character named Liam, who will be played by Dylan Sprayberry. Another new character was added to Teen Wolf season 4 in the form of Mason, though we don’t know who’s playing him yet. Recently, we also learned that a mean cop will also be taking up residence in Beacon Hills.

And, finally, we’ve gotten word that Meagan Tandy will be back to reprise her role as Braeden.

We’ve only got three more episodes of Teen Wolf season 3 left to go! Are you excited or nervous? Teen Wolf season 3, episode 22, “De-Void,” will air on Monday, March 10 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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