4:30 pm EST, December 30, 2013

New ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3B trailer includes music from a fan!

Teen Wolf season 3B’s latest trailer looks to their fans to provide the music!

The song featured in the Teen Wolf season 3B trailer “Lose Your Mind” comes from Julia Jones, a fan of the werewolf drama who has written several more songs inspired by the show. Take a look at the trailer now!

The Teen Wolf production has a long history of encouraging fan involvement, but this is the first time a fan’s music has been used to help promote the show. To listen to the full song or purchase it to support Jones, you can visit her Bandcamp page.

A few lyrics from the song:

Can you feel it, they’re slowly closing in
your best and brightest moments, corrupted by your sins
Oh it grips you, and doesn’t let you go
like a modern tragic play, you put on quite a show

It will blind you and take away control
Since you left the ice no you haven’t been whole

Wake up, Wake up
leave it all behind
Wake up, Wake up
don’t lose your mind, don’t lose your mind
Keep on running till you’ll find what you’re looking for
But trust me child, you haven’t seen half of it yet

Beautiful and heartbreaking, it seems like Jones has captured the tone of this season perfectly. It may only be a few seconds long, but the haunting music placed over top of Stiles’ ominous dialogue definitely leaves audience members on the edge of their seats.

In this teaser we also see a new, wider shot of the Nemeton coming up from the ground of a classroom and a beaten Scott that may be laying down on the same mysterious stump. In addition, we get a new look at Derek whose story seems rather mysterious this year, as well as an image of a slightly ajar door in what appears to be Stiles’ room.

Teen Wolf season 3B returns a week from today – Jan 6 at 10 p.m. on MTV

What do you guys think of the latest ‘Teen Wolf’ trailer?

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