In a new spoiler for Teen Wolf season 3B, we learn that love is in the air for one Stiles Stilinski!

In the previous episode of Teen Wolf, titled “Illuminated,” there was a scene between Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Caitlin (Zelda Williams) that was a major step forward in terms of understanding Scott’s best friend. After we learned that Caitlin was bisexual, she posed the same question to Stiles, who paused to think but ultimately doesn’t answer her.

After a scene like that, you have to expect fans to be a little curious! In a new spoiler from TV Line, we learn that Stiles will indeed be finding someone else… but who?

“There will be one person in particular in Episode 20, titled “Echo House,” to whom Stiles finds a mutual attraction… and more,” TV Line writes.

There are no hints in the spoiler as to whether this character will be male or female, but there are a few possibilities. We’ve already learned about two new characters, named Oliver and Meredith, who will be introduced in episode 20.

In a previous trailer, we’ve also seen Stiles kissing someone other than Caitlin. Could this be Meredith, or someone else entirely?

We’ve got four more episodes to go until we hit episode 20, “Echo House.” In the meantime, keep sussing out clues to see if we can figure out who Stiles’ new love interest could possibly be! Do you think they’ll be sticking around for season 4, or will this be a one-off deal? It sounds like they might get serious pretty quickly if TV Line’s “…and more” statement is anything to go by.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 17, “Silverfinger,” airs Monday, February 3, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Be sure to tune in and find out who the masked warriors are after!

Are you looking forward to seeing Stiles hooking up with someone new on ‘Teen Wolf’?

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