Teen Wolf season 3 has promised more of fan-favorite Danny, and it looks like he’ll be much more involved with our favorite group of werewolves in the near future.

According to a new spoiler chat from E! Online, Danny is going to be more in the know than ever before.

Keahu Kahuanui tells E! that, “Danny is definitely, whether intentional or not, being brought more into everything going on.” He goes on to say, “It does somewhat have to do with his involvement in his new relationship.”

That relationship is, of course, with Ethan, one of the Alpha Pack twins. According to Charlie Carver, the actor playing that character, Ethan has his eyes on Danny. The twist here, however, is that we won’t necessarily know if his feelings for the fan-favorite character are genuine or not.

We also know that the two of them will likely be involved in Teen Wolf’s first gay sex scene. Regardless of whether or not it works out between Danny and Ethan, fans are just excited that Danny will have a more prominent role this year. Not to mention that he might come closer than ever to learning the truth, not only about Scott, but also about Jackson.

According to the same interview with E!, Kahuanui states that Ethan’s interest in Danny “seems genuine.” However, considering we know that Deucalion, the Alpha Pack leader, is the one that has pointed his pack members in the direction of everyone Derek is associated with, we aren’t quick to trust anything the newcomers are doing. Only time will tell if Ethan truly does have feelings for Danny!

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