Another spoiler for season 3 of Teen Wolf has hit the Internet today, and this time we’ve learned a little more about the leader of the Alpha Pack!

As both Matt and Gerard, our season 2 bad guys, were taken out of the picture last season (at least for now, in Gerard’s case), we got a brand new antagonist for season 3. Rather, we’ve gotten five of them.

The Alpha Pack will be making their way to our screens come next year, posing a major threat to our favorite werewolves and their friends. And even though this is a pack of alpha werewolves, they will have chosen a leader through democratic means. This leader is called the Alpha and the Omega, but now we also know his name!

In the very first episode of this new season, we’ll be meeting Deucalion, the leader of this new pack that has come to “fix” an issue in Beacon Hills (which we know has something to do with Jackson and his kanima problem). Deucalion — who we seriously hope will be nicknamed Duke or something a little less… Ancient Greek — is described as being eloquent and intelligent. That sounds like the beginnings of a great villain!

The name is interesting, to say the least, because in Greek mythology Deucalion is the son of Prometheus, the Titan that created the human race and stole fire from the gods in order to give it to the humans. Deucalion is the Greek equivalent of Noah, having survived a flood by riding it out in a box, along with his wife Pyrrha. Though it’s too early to say if the name will have any significance for the storyline, one guess could be that by the end of season 3, Deucalion could be the only alpha left standing.

Heading out of the realm of speculation and back into the land of facts, we do know that Deucalion has a plan. He wants to turn Derek and Scott against each other. Well, that probably won’t be too difficult, seeing as the two don’t exactly see eye to eye on most things in the first place. The real question is, will this finally force Derek and Scott to put aside their differences and work together? Do you think this gives us hope for a combined pack in the future?

Thanks to Zap2It for the spoiler!

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