10:00 am EDT, November 20, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, part 2 teaser clip: Allison loses her mind

Our last teaser clip for Teen Wolf season 3, part 2 features Allison experiencing terrifying hallucinations while in the morgue.

The video is below, and our analysis follows.

Yesterday we got Stiles’ teaser clip, in which he sees the Nemeton while he’s hallucinating. Scott, whose clip we shared this morning, was shown seeing flies eating something rotten, along with being bloody and beaten.

Allison’s teaser clip may just be the creepiest yet.

The video begins with Allison walking into the hospital. The lights are flickering and the room, in general, looks run down. She eyes the open door to a cold chamber in the morgue, and then we flash over and see two versions of her. The first version — the real one — is unaware that a more sinister version of herself is behind her. We flash back to the morgue, where the door to the room closes behind Allison.

When Allison peers into the cold chamber, we see a woman crawling her way forward. It’s hard to tell who it is, but seeing as Allison has already hallucinated about her Aunt Kate, it’s possible that Kate is making another reappearance.

Allison slams the door shut, and we’re treated to the same “Lose Your Mind” tag and “Life is but a dream” line as in the previous promos.

Stiles, Scott, and Allison have been through so much recently, so it’s no wonder that they’re being affected as severely as they are. Allison’s promo in particular shows how far Teen Wolf is willing to take the horror this season, and since they’re focusing on the psychological thriller aspect of the show, we’re sure they’re going to keep pushing those boundaries.

Which ‘Teen Wolf’ promo has been your favorite?

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