Teen Wolf season 3 is airing in just seven days, so we’ve put together a guide to all the new characters that will be popping up on our screens this year.

The Alpha Pack

First up we have the Alpha Pack, which will be driving the plot forward in season 3. They’ve come to Beacon Hills for a purpose, and that purpose has to do with getting Derek to join their pack. If he refuses? Well, things are going to get ugly.

Deucalion, played by Gideon Emery

Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha Pack Leader Deucalion

Deucalion is the leader of the Alpha Pack. He’s extremely intelligent and manipulative, and he will be trying to turn Derek against Scott and the other members of his pack. He wants Derek to join him because he enjoys discovering “new talent.”

From the trailer, it has been discovered that Deucalion is actually blind, which will certainly add a whole new dimension to his character. Rather than holding him back, it looks like his other senses will be in overdrive, allowing him to outmaneuver his opponents with little trouble.

Kali, played by Felisha Terrell

Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha Pack Kali

Kali is Deucalion’s right hand werewolf. She’s ruthless and sexy, and can definitely handle herself when it comes to combat. She fights barefoot because she uses the claws on her feet as one of her main weapons. She will definitely be one to keep an eye on.

Although we know female Alphas do exist (Derek’s mother was one, after all), Kali will be the first female Alpha we’ve seen on the show. Her character is named after the Hindu goddess, who is often referred to as the goddess of destruction, though she is also the goddess of time and change.

Aiden, played by Max Carver

Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha Pack Aiden

Aiden is one half of the twin alphas that are a part of the Alpha Pack. He’s the brawn, but also extremely handsome and quite a charmer. While he doesn’t seem to have quite as big of a part as his brother Ethan, you can bet that Aiden won’t be left behind.

While his brother has his own target to pursue, it looks like Aiden will be concerning himself with Lydia. She’ll be trying to get over Jackson this season, and Aiden will be all too willing to help her in that regard. But don’t expect his feeling to be genuine — they’ve all got a part to play, and Deucalion is the one pulling the strings.

Ethan, played by Charlie Carver

Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha Pack Ethan

Ethan is Aiden’s twin brother. He’s the brains of the duo, but he’s not all that different from Aiden. He’s also quite a charmer, and he’ll be devious and manipulative.

His target will be Danny, which has the fandom in quite a tizzy, seeing as Danny is a fan favorite character. Danny and Ethan will be sharing at least one pretty steamy scene this season, and we have no idea if he’ll actually develop feelings for Danny along the way. But it’s not all worrying and nail biting! In the trailer, we saw Danny being wheeled into the hospital, and Ethan was with him, looking quite worried.

Ennis, played by Brian Patrick Wade

Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha Pack Ennis

We don’t know too much about Ennis, as his role seems to be less significant than the other Alpha Pack members. Whereas the other four got character portraits, Ennis did not, though we did get a great look at him in the trailer. It seems that he’ll be impersonating a hospital orderly when we first meet him.

Ennis is basically the muscle in the Alpha Pack. Whereas the others tend to rely on their intelligence, talents, and ability to manipulate others, Ennis is just the brute force, coming at Derek, Scott, and the others with his incredible strength.

Next up: What other werewolves will be debuting this season?

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