With a headline like that, how could you NOT click on this article? Here’s our first official look at the Alpha Pack twins during a season 3 shoot of Teen Wolf.

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Max and Charlie Carver are playing Ethan and Aiden, two out of the five members of the Alpha Pack that will be taking over Beacon Hills in season 3. As they were described early on, these guys definitely look young, attractive, menacing, and dangerously charming. We approve!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the twins on set, but it does appear to be the first shot of them in front of the camera and in character. The picture doesn’t give much away. They appear to be in a ramshackle part of town – a subway station perhaps? And who could they be looking at? Are they squaring off against Scott or Derek? Or is this maybe a meeting of the minds between different members of the Alpha Pack?

Only time will tell, unfortunately.

The picture came about when the official Tumblr received an ask about a “rumor” floating around that there are going to be less shirtless guys in season 3. They, thankfully, squashed that one pretty quickly:

Even though we don’t necessarily know what’s going on in this picture, we do have some idea of what the twins will be up to this season. They’re going to be seducing some of Scott’s friends. According to one spoiler, it stands to reason that Lydia could be dealing with the affections of one of the twins. And it’s also possible that, with the promise of at least one gay sex scene this season, the other target could be Danny.

What do you think of this look at the Alpha Pack twins? Are you excited, or would you rather have had a look at Deucalion, Kali, or Ennis? Do you have any theories about what could be happening in this shot?

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