The extended promo for Teen Wolf season 3, episode 23 has landed online, and it’s even more chilling than the last one.

The preview comes from TV Line, and shows us more footage from Teen Wolf season 3, episode 23, “Insatiable.”

At the end of the last episode, Void Stiles kidnapped Lydia and spirited her away from the rest of the group. It looks like they ended up in the underground tunnels of Eichen House, and that’s where Void Stiles tells Lydia that the real Stiles is dying.

Meanwhile, Chris and Derek are worrying over Stiles, and Chris comes to the realization that the nogitsune is stronger than ever. The twins have their own problems to deal with, however, as they try to escape the storm of bullets being fired at them.

“Is it over?” asks Sheriff Stilinski. “Not yet,” answers Scott.

The words, “You are not prepared,” flash on screen as we see the group either running or fighting, and it looks as if this next episode is going to be full of action.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 23, “Insatiable,” airs on Monday, March 17 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Want more ‘Teen Wolf’ news?

A new spoiler shared from E! Online tells us that we can expect yet another new character to be making their way to Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf season 4.

The new character is named Dr. Geyer, and he will be “the hospital’s new administrator who happens to be charming and intelligent, as well as handsome.” E! suspects that perhaps Dr. Geyer will be a new love interest for Mama McCall.

Previous season 4 information tells us that several new characters will join the show, including Liam, who will be played by Dylan Sprayberry; Mason and Garrett, who will be played by Khylin Rhambo and Mason Dye, respectively; a mean cop; and a new teacher.

Do you want Mama McCall do have a new love interest on ‘Teen Wolf’?

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