In the promo for Teen Wolf season 3, episode 20, “Echo House,” we see Stiles checking himself into the mental asylum.

Even though the mental asylum is called Eichen House, this episode is titled “Echo House” because “everything echoes,” according to someone from the promo. Check out the promo below:


Once again, Teen Wolf manages to pack as much as humanly possible into a 20-second promo for the show. This time, we see Stiles voluntarily putting himself into the mental asylum in order to keep everyone safe. Scott doesn’t like the idea, but you can’t deny that Stiles poses a pretty big threat at the moment.

“This place…everything echoes,” someone says, and it’s possible it could be Oliver, one of the new characters we’re meant to meet in episode 20, along with Meredith. We also get a shot of Stiles kissing someone.

The nogitsune shows up again in his bandaged form, and we also see Stiles struggling against his bonds as he’s tied to a chair. Is he in yet another basement?

“Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?” Derek asks Chris, both of whom seem to be behind bars for the time being.

“Stiles, yes,” Chris answers. “But not a nogitsune.”

We’re then treated to yet another look at Dark Stiles right before the video ends.

Luckily, we also have a clip from Teen Wolf season 3, episode 20, which shows Stiles getting into trouble while he’s at the mental asylum.


“Into the quiet room, little man,” one of the workers says. he holds up a bottle of pills and asks where Stiles got them from, to which Stiles replies “the vending machine.” Remember sarcastic Stiles? We miss him.

The workers are not impressed and quickly subdue Stiles with a sedative. Stiles tries to fight it, saying he can’t go to sleep, but it’s no use. He passes out on the floor just as the video ends.

Are you looking forward to ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 20 ‘Echo House’?

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