11:15 am EST, January 21, 2014

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 16 sneak peek: Out of the dark

In a new clip from Teen Wolf season 3, episode 16, titled “Illuminated,” we see Lydia at the blacklight party being thrown in Derek’s loft.

The clip for the next episode of Teen Wolf starts out funny enough, but like most things on this show, ends up being pretty terrifying. Watch below:


Lydia is at the party, looking like she isn’t having too much fun. She’s by herself, and she’s not covered in any sort of neon, glowing paint. She spots Allison and Isaac dancing (“Ugh, finally.”), Stiles going wild (“Awkwardly.”), and Aiden dancing with two other girls (“Predictably.”).

Lydia then starts hearing a strange sound, and we know from the last episode that this means her Banshee powers are kicking in. As she looks around the dance floor, trying to figure out what’s going on, she spots a man dressed in black and wearing a mask. Only…he fades out and disappears a second later.

She continues seeing the man coming and going, and Lydia starts calling Scott’s name. She turns and runs away, and we can only imagine this clip will lead into a scene we’ve gotten glimpses of from the previous trailer. “They came out of the dark,” Lydia will say as Aiden holds her.

The most interesting aspect of the clip is that the man in the mask disappears and reappears. Are these men hallucinations? But if they are, how come Lydia can see them, and how were they able to trap and attack Isaac at the end of season 3, episode 15, “Galvanize?”

Another very important question: Who’s Stiles dancing with at the party!?

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What do you think is going on with the masked men on ‘Teen Wolf’?

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