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‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 15 recap: Darkness is here

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 15, “Galvanize,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 15, titled “Galvanize,” begins with William Barrow, the infamous Shrapnel Bomber, arriving at the hospital for surgery. Melissa must do the pre-op interview, and during it Barrow tells her that he killed those kids because their eyes were glowing.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are planning their Mischief Night shenanigans involving Coach and his office. Needless to say, Coach is not too happy.

The twins show up at school and tell Scott they need an Alpha. But Stiles and Isaac don’t trust them, and neither does Scott, so he says no. When the other boys walk away, Aiden convinces Ethan that they need to go back to high school to show Scott they’ve changed. Ethan says no…until he spots Danny.

Barrow ends up on the operating table, and as he’s under anesthesia and is being worked on, flies burst out of his tumor, he wakes up, stabs the doctor with a scalpel, and escapes in an ambulance.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 Sheriff Stilinski 2

In another surgery of sorts, Derek sews up Peter’s finger — purposely not using anything to numb the pain. Derek then dumps out the contents of the box with the triskele on it, and we learn that it’s a few of Talia’s claws — the only thing left over from the Hale house fire. Derek says he needs to communicate with her, and this is the only way he knows how.

Lydia’s been hearing buzzing all day, but she doesn’t know where it’s coming from. Aiden shows up, and although she tells him nothing is going to happen, they end up making out in Coach’s office. Or they would have, if Stiles and Scott hadn’t totally trashed it earlier.

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They’re lucky, too, because Barrow was hiding behind the door. After they leave to find better prospects, Barrow stitches himself up using a stapler he finds on the floor. Are you creeped out yet?

The school goes on lockdown when everyone realizes Barrow made it there. The wolves, Scott, and Lydia search for the serial killer while Allison goes home to search the besitary for anything she can find about flies. Stiles ends up pulling the fire alarm because he believes Barrow will blow up the school, but even after they do that, they can’t find him.

Mr. Yukimura is three for three when it comes to embarrassing Kira. This time, he’s invited Scott over to thank him for saving his daughter from the coyote. Only, he does it without telling Kira first. They end up having sushi, and funny moments ensue (especially with the wasabi) between lessons about Kira’s family. Apparently her mother, who is Japanese, has quite an interesting family legacy.

Mr. and Mrs. Yukimura got married in Japan. Kira’s father ended up taking her mother’s last name because she was the last in her family line. That’s why Kira has a Japanese last name, even though her father is Korean. It was a sweet anecdote, but we also think it’ll be important later.

Back in Stiles’ room, he’s got his mystery board full of pictures, posts, and string denoting the unsolved crimes. Lydia is there, feeling guilty about being unable to help find Barrow. Stiles says they’re going to the school, and it looks like he figured out why they couldn’t smell Barrow: he used chemicals to cover his scent. While there, Lydia finds numbers written on the chalkboard that correspond with certain elements.

Those elements spell out Kira’s name. And now we know who Barrow is after.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 Derek Peter

Peter stabs Derek in the back of the neck with Talia’s claws on his fingers in order to help the younger Hale communicate with his mother. Derek does just that, and by the look on his face when he comes out of it, he didn’t learn anything too good. Peter seems worried that Talia told Derek something about him.

Allison and Isaac continue their research, though Isaac has something else on his mind. Allison rebuffs him, but then he whips off his shirt, with hers soon to follow. Only they don’t get too far because Chris Argent walks in. Awkward.

After some bonding over the woes of sushi and the value of pizza, Kira thanks Scott for remembering her name. Everything seems happy between the two, until Barrows runs up behind Scott and hits him over the head with a tire iron. Barrow takes Kira.

Lydia doesn’t understand how to use her powers, and she’s so frustrated she says she could just scream. So that’s exactly what Stiles tells her to do. When Lydia does scream, she figures out that she hasn’t been hearing flies buzzing, she’s been hearing electricity. And now they know where Barrow took Kira.

As Barrow is about to kill Kira, believing she’s one of the kids with glowing eyes, Scott shows up. He’s no match for the amount of electricity Barrow is wielding, however, and it suddenly looks like it’s over for Kira.

Only, Kira ends up stopping Barrow herself by sucking in all the electricity and maybe even killing the serial killer in the process. The lights all over Beacon Hills go out and guys in black masks show up at Allison’s apartment, attacking Isaac. Allison and Chris try to get into her room, but to no avail.

Our favorite ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 15 ‘Galvanize’ quotes

“I saw them. I saw their eyes. They were glowing.” – Barrow

“They don’t trust you. And neither do I.” – Scott

“If I were four years younger, I’d punch you.” – Coach

“I thought it was guacamole.” – Scott

“You remembered my name.” – Kira

“Nobody cares about crappy remakes.” – Barrow

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