In a new interview with Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis, the show’s creator says Kira’s mom might know what exactly is going on with Stiles this season.

Davis talked to Zap2it about Stiles and the end of Teen Wolf season 3. Of particular note was what the EP had to say about Stiles’ issues regarding the nogitsune.

“This is called kitsunetsuki, which is actually similar to lycanthropy,” Davis tells Zap2it. “In the U.S., lycanthropy is an actual clinical medical term for people who think they’re becoming an animal. In Japan, kitsunetsuki is an actual clinical medical term for people who think they’re becoming a fox.”

When someone is afflicted with Lycanthropy, they believe they’re transforming into a wolf. However, this so-called transformation only takes place in their minds. If Stiles has what is known as kitsunetsuki, could all of this be happening inside his head?

If the Teen Wolf writers were going for psychological thriller this season, they were certainly right on target.

Davis continues this train of thought and says, “The person who is going to give an insight into that is Noshiko, which is Kira’s mom.”

Kira’s mom clearly knows what’s going on, seeing as she is a kitsune like her daughter and has been sacrificing her tails in order to create the oni and stop the nogitsune. Davis says there will be a question of “whether Stiles can be saved,” and we have to wonder if — in the end — that decision might be up to Noshiko, who certainly knows enough about the nogitsune to figure out how to stop it.

In the interview, Davis also teases the final few episodes, saying, “There will be more swords splashing [blood] by the end of the season.”

The next episode of Teen Wolf, which is season 3, episode 20, “Echo House,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Read up on what to expect.

Do you think Kira’s mom will hold the fate of Stiles in her hands?

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