Here’s a roundup of news regarding MTV’s show Teen Wolf and its cast members. It includes an interview with Orny Adams, efforts to help the victims of Sandy, and a new president of programming for the network.

An interview with Orny Adams

Orny Adams, best known for playing Coach on Teen Wolf, was interviewed by WetPaint and talked about his podcast My Crappy Week, his standup comedy, and his time on the set of the show.

Of particular interest, Adams talks about how well all of the cast members get along. When asked who makes him laugh the most, he says:

You know, everybody is actually pretty funny. It’s interesting. We all sit around between takes, and we all laugh. The guy who plays Sheriff Stilinski, Linden [Ashby], is very funny. Everybody. It’s just a good feeling on the set. Everybody gets along. Everybody really laughs. And it’s never pointed towards somebody; we’re never putting anybody down. That’s what’s nice about it.

We also particularly enjoyed the question asking who would win in a coach-off between Sue Sylvester from Glee and our own beloved Bobby Finstock. Adams’ answer:

I like us together more than against each other. I think our styles would mesh. Everything I’ve seen her [Jane Lynch] in, I think she’s great. I really do. I wouldn’t want to compete with her. She’s certainly top notch. I mean that. I don’t kiss anybody’s ass.

I can tell you this: I could only hope that my character on Teen Wolf achieved the notoriety and status that she has.

A battle like that would probably be too much for the world to handle. Best not to dwell on it.

You can read the rest of the interview over on Wetpaint. Adams talks about his podcast and the probability that some of the Teen Wolf cast members will show up on it, what he thinks Coach does in his spare time, and his biggest insecurity as a comedian and actor. The interview is wrought with humor and sarcasm, and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it.

Restore the Shore

Restore the Shore was a telethon helmed by stars of MTV’s various shows like Jersey shore, Awkward, and Teen Wolf. Tyler Posey (Scott), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), and Crystal Reed (Allison) were in attendance to help with efforts to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Check out a small interview below:

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Posey also made it onto the podcast In the Room to talk about the telethon, along with his band, his birthday party in Vegas, and the upcoming season 3 filming. He doesn’t let slip any details we didn’t already know about, but the interview is funny and promotes a good cause. (It’s also NSFW, just so you know.) It’s episode #22, titled, “A Teen Wolf in Manhattan.”

For further information about Restore the Shore, video clips, and a place to donate, please visit MTV.

MTV’s new president of programming

Susanne Daniels has joined the network as its new head of programming. Season ratings have been slipping for MTV, and the hope is that Daniels will be able to breathe new life into the network’s shows. Since Jersey Shore is on its way out, MTV will have to think of new ways to bring in the viewers.

Daniels, hopefully, will be one of those positive influences. Her previous work includes developing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Felicity, both extremely popular shows when they were on air. She’s got a strong background in scripted shows, which will bode well for Teen Wolf.

TV Guide did an interview with her where she talks about her experience and what she hopes to bring to the network in general.

Photo Credit: MTV Remote Control Blog

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