8:55 pm EST, February 23, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3: 6 behind-the-scenes videos, picture from opening scene released

Along with the announcement that Teen Wolf season 3 will premiere on June 3, they’ve also released six behind-the-scenes videos with the cast and a picture from the opening scene!

Fans of Teen Wolf were asked to use #TeenWolfSeason3 on Twitter over the last few days in order to add their avatars to the show’s latest “project.” Each time an avatar was added, it would help bring forth not only the premiere date, but also the first image for season 3. Additionally, if you were able to locate the Teen Wolf logo in the melee of other pictures, you could track down five videos.

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Below are the videos released once fans were able to complete enough of the picture in order to find the logos.

Rock Throwing

Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) and Tyler Posey (Scott) have a rock throwing contest, and Dylan has to remind Tyler not to go chasing after it like a puppy.

Coach on a Truck

Orny Adams (Coach) is on a food truck. Why? Perhaps Coach has a new job this season. Oh, and he mentions something about death. Uh oh!

Rock, Paper, Scissor

Dylan and Tyler are the reigning champions of Rock, Paper, Scissor. Who wins this round? Watch the video to find out!

Hands on Set

Charlie Carver and Tyler Posey play a fun (and painful) game in between takes.

Dylan’s Favorite Video

O’Brien then describes his favorite web video and reenacts part of it. Good stuff!

Then, as a bonus video, and to get fans to trend #100Days on Twitter, MTV released the following video of the cast talking about how there’s only 100 days left until the season 3 premiere.

Lastly, we were lucky enough to get a picture from the very first season 3 episode, seen below:

Teen Wolf Season 3 First Image

We know this image comes from the first scene of episode 3×01, which is titled “Tattoo.” The two people in the picture are Daniel Sharman (Isaac) and Meagan Tandy. We don’t yet know who Tandy is playing, and information about her character is fairly non-existent. Our only other look at her comes from this behind-the-scenes video, where we see her in the locker room with a weapon in her hand. Her character is only described as being a mysterious woman who knows about werewolves and is quite strong. Could she be another werewolf? Could she be a hunter?

Which video was your favorite? How are you going to pass the time until season 3? (We suggest listening to our podcast!) What do you think about the picture of Isaac and this mysterious woman?

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