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‘Teen Wolf’ quotes: The top 10 quotable Stiles moments

Teen Wolf just returned to our lives last night, and more than anything we just want more. Now. So, since we still have six more days til the next episode, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorite Stiles quotes.

Let’s face it. When it comes to being quoteworthy, Stiles is the king (to be challenged only slightly by Coach). Sometimes we’re laughing hysterically and sometimes we’re sobbing uncontrollably, but when it comes to naming the most quotable character on Teen Wolf, there is really only one option.

Whether he’s cracking us up or breaking our hearts, Stiles always has something to say about whatever horrible situation the Beacon Hills pack has gotten themselves into. After last night’s episode (which had at least two or three quoteworthy Stiles moments in itself) we are more anxious than ever for more Teen Wolf, so here are 10 of our favorite Stiles quotes to tide you over.

Quoting ‘Teen Wolf’: Oh how we love Stiles

1×07 ‘Night School’


Season 1 Stiles never missed an opportunity to get one over on his friends. Well, he still doesn’t, but this sarcastic observation in episode 7, “Night School,” is on point. Classic Stiles.

1×09 ‘Wolf’s Bane’


Oh, Miguel. We certainly do love thee. Stiles relishing in Danny’s ogling of the ever ogle-able Derek, AKA Miguel, is one of our most favorite season 1 moments, and this quote from Stiles just makes it that much better.

2×03 ‘Ice Pick’

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There’s just something about the epic bromance between Scott and Stiles that has us grinning uncontrollably, much like Stiles in the picture above. He’s seriously adorable as he professes his eternal love for his best buddy.

2×06 ‘Frenemy’


If we had to pick one Stiles quote to be our absolute, forever favorite, it would be this one. It describes him to a tee, and we can hardly contain our love for him as he defends his obsession with sarcasm.

2×06 ‘Frenemy’


Five words, but sometimes he only needs five words to get his point across. Jackson may not have believed Stiles at first, but thanks to a little enhanced hearing, he gets the idea eventually.

2×12 ‘Master Plan’


Stiles is not only great with snarky sarcasm, but he can handle the hard stuff too. This line to Lydia in season 2 is one of our favorites because not only is he telling Lydia what she needs to hear, but he’s telling himself, too.

3×04 ‘Unleashed’


Nothing, we repeat, NOTHING is off limits to Stiles. He can even make a speech about dead babies to Lydia and he has us eating out of the palm of his hand. But under no circumstances are we getting rid of our little dog.

3×04 ‘Unleashed’


We volunteer as tribute! Seriously though, Stiles’ plea to Scott that someone needs to fix his little virginity problem before he ends up as one of the virgin sacrifices Lydia’s been finding all over town is one of his most adorable moments yet. Not to mention his reaction when Danny seems willing a few seconds later.

3×06 ‘Motel California’


In one of the most intense and tear-jerking moments of season 3A, Scott sets himself to burn alive under the influence of wolfsbane poisoning, and Stiles literally steps in to save the day. His line to Scott here had us all in tears. The Stiles/Scott brotherly bond is one of our favorite things about this show.

3×13 ‘Anchors’


Leave it to Stiles to sum up a season’s entire problem in a single statement. Season 3A ended with Stiles, Scott, and Allison sacrificing themselves to save their parents, and re-starting the signal fire that will attract any and all supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills. Good one, guys. Like you didn’t already have enough to deal with.

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What are your favorite Stiles quotes?

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