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‘Teen Wolf’ at New York Comic-Con: Linden Ashby calls it a ‘season of consequence’

At the Teen Wolf roundtable discussion at New York Comic-Con, Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) spoke about his character’s son, the possibility of romance, and more.

The sheriff finally knows about the supernatural

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It has been a long time coming, and fans are definitely happy that Sheriff Stilinski finally knows about the supernatural world. And it sounds like Ashby is glad he does too, though it will come with its own set of issues.

“It changes everything. It changes the way you look at the world. You’re forced to go back and reexamine old cases that you couldn’t solve. And you have to look at everything with a new perspective, with new information,” he says. “If I knew then what I know now, what would I have thought?”

When asked if the sheriff would be torturing himself over the fact that he could have saved a lot of lives had he known about this other world, Ashby says he won’t be. However, he also says, “You owe it to the people in the cases you couldn’t solve to look at it again. You have a moral obligation.”

The changing relationship with his son, Stiles

Now that the sheriff knows about the supernatural, it’s definitely a question of whether or not he’s going to resent Stiles for not telling him about everything sooner. However, Ashby says, “There’s an openness now. There’s no more lies.”

Speaking of a more honest relationship with his son, he also talks about how everything would’ve been affected one way or another, no matter when Stiles would have told his father about the supernatural. “It’s a season of consequence in that there’s a consequence for everything,” he states. “No event occurs without sending out waves.”

His changing relationship with Scott

Scott has always been like a second son to the sheriff, and now that he knows what Scott is, will that be changing how he views him? The answer is not so black and white.

“You know now. You know who’s who and what they are and what’s going on,” he says, which certainly has to be both confusing and alarming. However, Ashby continues, “I have to turn to [Scott] for help. I have to confide in him and he confides in me and we work together a lot more.”

How exactly does the sheriff feel about Melissa McCall?

One of the couples many fans want to see together include Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall. The chemistry is definitely there, and they’ve known each other for quite some time. But will it actually happen?

“The match has been struck,” he says. “There’s an ember there. Whether it ignites into a flame, I don’t know.”

You weren’t actually expecting a straight-forward answer, were you!? However, it gets even more interesting when Ashby begins to talk about Scott’s father.

“I kinda like [Scott’s] mom a little bit, I think. And to have the ex back in the picture is never great,” he explains. “And also think about it. I mean, I’m a cop, he’s a cop. Our kids are best friends. We’ve known each other a long time. We’re both in law enforcement. I knew him before he left and now he’s back. And he’s got some unfinished business. And things are not smoothed over between the two of us. And the fact that there may be some interest with Melissa, it’s just one more reason to maybe not like him all that much.”

Harking back to his answers about the sheriff’s relationship with Scott, Ashby can’t help but add one more thing about the FBI agent: “I always look out for Scott, and I know the history. I’m not that keen on him.”

What role will the sheriff take on now that he knows about the supernatural?

It seems at once both simple and complicated. When it comes to the sheriff’s new deputy, Ashby’s character will definitely be keeping some secrets. “Part of it is that [Deputy Parrish] is not going to know what’s going on,” says Ashby. “So I’m going to have to help him, not only as a police officer, but also to ease him through to help him when there’s no way he can really know what’s happening.”

On the other hand, Ashby says that his character won’t be playing favorites now when it comes to both the humans and the creatures of the night. “If [the hunters] step across the line, then there’s going to be a problem. There’s no vigilantism where I’m concerned. Not on my watch. But I think also that if a werewolf steps across the line, I got no problem arresting them. Everybody has to answer for their actions.”

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Are you looking forward to seeing this new relationship between the sheriff and Stiles on ‘Teen Wolf’?

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