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‘Teen Wolf’ EP Jeff Davis teases a thrilling winter season at New York Comic-Con

Hypable attended the NYCC roundtables with select members of the cast of Teen Wolf on Saturday. During it, Executive Producer Jeff Davis promised less action and more thrills.

What will season 3B be about?

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The first half of Teen Wolf season 3 was full of action, and while it was a great first 12 episodes, that’s a difficult pace to keep. Instead, the winter season will be a psychological thriller, focusing more on the characters and their mental and emotional health.

It will take place just a few weeks after the end of season 3A, with a two-part opener that we’re sure is going to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Speaking of season 3B, Davis says it will focus on the Jungian philosophical idea that every person has a dark side. He says they’ll be delving into “ideas of the shadow and how each character deals with the shadow side of themselves, and how each character has a darker side to themselves. Even characters who might not think so: Our heroes. So we’re going to get to see darker sides of everyone.”

The Halloween episode

The Halloween episode is highly anticipated by fans of the show, and Davis was happy to tell us it’ll also be a two-part episode, which will first focus on Mischief Night, and then continue to Halloween night.

The episodes will center around a black light party, held in Derek’s loft, that will become dangerous for more than one character. While Davis didn’t give us any more hints than that, we’re definitely hoping the episode will be filled with some great mythology and some really spooky scenes!

The hunter community doesn’t always get along

At the end of season 3A, Allison and her father decided to change their code from, “We hunt those who hunt us,” to “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.” It was a brave choice for the Argents to make, and they may come up against some opposition.

“It has ramifications,” Davis says, speaking about the effect that choice will have on the hunter community as a whole. He talked about two new characters who are a part of a certain section of the community that doesn’t agree with the change in philosophy. The only other thing Davis would say about the characters was that they had a Latin influence.

While there is not much information to go on, it may be a valid leap to assume that the Hales have or will run into these hunters at some point, especially considering Cora had been in South America previously.

The adults on the show will have a bigger role

Now that the main adult characters in the show are all up to speed, can we expect them to have a larger role in the upcoming winter season? Davis says that we absolutely can. Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent will all be in on the action a bit more, which will surely get fans excited.

But why will they be getting a larger role? Davis says he wanted to develop the authority figures further in order to allow them to share a different perspective from their children on the supernatural elements that are present in Beacon Hills.

“I’d like to see these relationships evolve and see how these characters react to their new circumstances with their kids, and how much they can let their kids get involved in this stuff without worrying too much,” Davis says. “How much can they be partners to them or should they be parents?”

It’s certainly an interesting predicament, and Davis has promised “a big arc” coming up for Sheriff Stilinski, as well as a big mystery.

But not all the adults are there to help the kids. Davis didn’t say much about Scott’s father, but he did state, “He doesn’t have good intentions.”

Not all conflict will be from outside sources

As always, there will be a big mystery this season that isn’t going to be easy to solve. But never fear! There will still be a lot of conflict. Unfortunately, some of that conflict is going to come from within our favorite circle of friends.

Davis says this is especially true of Allison, Isaac, Scott, and Stiles, all of whom will be butting heads and disagreeing with each other — especially when some people start getting hurt.

Never one to miss an opportunity to make us terrified for our favorite characters, Davis reiterated that they love making good guys into bad guys and giving bad guys redeeming qualities, so there will be plenty of shifts in alliances during the winter season.

The romance this season will be complicated

Davis was, at least, kind enough to leave us on a positive, albeit mysterious, note when it came to the romance we can expect during the second half of Teen Wolf, airing next year.

“I think one of the characters that’s becoming much more of an adult this season is Stiles,” he says. “He’s not just the funny sidekick anymore. He’s going to have to do a lot of growing in this season. And you also see Scott delving into new romance. And you’ll see a tangled relationship with Isaac and Allison. So, it gets complicated for a lot of people.”

Stiles’ new love interest is, of course, a surprise.

Beyond ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3

Teen Wolf was recently picked up for season 4, which will be 12 episodes long. There’s no specific theme yet for season 4, but they do have some ideas for new characters and plot revelations in the works.

Aside from that, Davis again spoke about the potential of a spinoff with Kira and the Kitsune, the latter of which has a complex and interesting mythology. Although nothing has been decided one way or another yet, Davis once again confirmed that there has been talk about it.

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What are you most excited about for ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3B?

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