10:30 am EDT, August 14, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’s’ EP Jeff Davis says Lydia and Peter’s story is not over

In light of a article posted on Hypable Tuesday, Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis exclusively reached out to Hypable to clear the air about Lydia and Peter.

Yesterday, a Hypable reader wrote an opinion piece concerning the interaction we saw in Teen Wolf season 3, episode 11 “Alpha Pact” between Lydia and Peter. It was a simple and brief scene, and many felt shortchanged because of their past history together.

Lydia and Peter’s relationship is a complicated one. After biting her as an Alpha at the end of season 1 and then subsequently dying at Derek’s hands, Peter’s younger self haunted Lydia throughout season 2. Then, in the final few episodes of season 2, Lydia helped to bring Peter back to life.

To say there’s some unfinished business on Lydia’s part would be a major understatement. But don’t think their story is by any means finished.

Reaching out to Hypable, Davis says, “I can respond to the Lydia/Peter question that the one scene in 311 is by no means the end of that story. My writers and I have laid out plans for plenty more to come in 3B. Lydia certainly deserves her revenge, doesn’t she? And we definitely want to give that story the treatment it deserves.”

Lydia does deserve her revenge, and plenty of fans are hoping she gets it. Davis gave us no hints as to what this revenge will be, but we’re definitely curious as to how it will play out.

Perhaps Lydia and Peter are more connected than anyone has yet to realize? In season 3, episode 11, it was obvious that Peter was up to something devious. Maybe Lydia will have some sort of control over him that allows her to stop him from doing anything nefarious.

Only time will tell!

Be sure to tune into Teen Wolf season 3, episode 12 “Lunar Ellipse,” which is the mid-season finale, on Monday, August 19 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

Are you excited that Peter and Lydia will get more screen time together in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3?

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