The ever-giving Jeff Davis, executive producer of the MTV hit show Teen Wolf, took a break from writing scripts to chat with fans on Twitter. He gave us a few hints at some upcoming details that we can expect to see in season 3!

The details are fairly small because he wants to save his bigger spoilers for the MTV Remote Control Blog, but he did release a few tidbits that are definitely worth a look! These include the fact that Lydia has an older sister we have not seen yet and that Danny will probably be getting a new boyfriend soon. (Davis just replied to the question with a smiley face, but we figured that’s about as close to a yes we could possibly get.)

On the Stiles front, he said we’ll “possibly” get some more details this coming season about Stiles’ mother and what exactly happened to her. He also said that Stiles’ long-term plan to make Lydia fall in love with him isn’t necessarily out the door for good.

When asked about Allison’s role this season and whether she’ll be in the show as much as the past two seasons, Davis said, “Actually more. Her role is fantastic this season.” And, as much as we all love Stephen Lunsford (Matt), Davis did say, “He’s sort of dead. Like really dead.”

We also finally got an official start date for the filming of season 3:

But Davis says he doesn’t know when it will air, as that is completely up to the network.

Other tweets included a confirmation for a Halloween episode and the fact that they have yet to cast anyone new for season 3 yet. (We’ll be sure to bring you those details as soon as they do hit the ‘net!)

Davis, always so good at being vague, gave us a round-about answer when asked if humans count as pack members.

Outside of season 3 news, he did mention the fact that he was an extra in the pilot episode, as he was the lacrosse player that knocked Jackson down in one of the scenes. He also said he’s working on Teen Wolf action figures, and that he’s seen many of the Sterek fan art on Tumblr. (Don’t get too excited about that last piece of information though. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, he just said that someone sent him a link to the tag and he thought they were all amazing!)

But the gold star goes to this random, albeit awesome, question and answer:

Davis answered a few questions about himself, gave some advice to future writers, and gushed about Homeland and The Walking Dead. You can read more about that by visiting his official Twitter page.

Which details about season 3 were you most excited to see?

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