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Where is the ‘Teen Wolf’ cast one year after the finale?

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The Teen Wolf cast left us one year ago following the season 6 finale, and we’re checking in on the main cast to see what they’ve been up to.

After the Teen Wolf cast split up following the end of the show, it can be hard to keep track of everything they’re working on. But that’s what we’re here for! I’ve taken everyone from the front end of Teen Wolf’s IMDb page and listed them below, along with the projects they’ve been in since the show began, as well as what they’ve done since it ended and what they’ve got coming up.

‘Teen Wolf’ cast: Where are they now?

Tyler Posey

Though his lead in Teen Wolf took up plenty of time for the actor, Posey managed to get a few projects under his belt in the meantime, including White Frog, Workaholics, Scary Movie 5, The Exes, and Yoga Hosers.

Posey’s first project following Teen Wolf‘s end was as a love interest on Jane the Virgin where he played a bisexual man. Following Truth or Dare and Taco Shop, Posey was also cast in Elena of Avalor as Prince Alonso. After a quick turn in Sideswiped, we also learned he would play a major role in Scream season 3. Adding to his voiceover work, Posey is also portraying Inferno in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.

In terms of what’s coming up for the actor, The Last Summer is already in post-production, while both Decoy and Now Apocalypse are both in pre-production. The latter television series has fans quite excited, as Posey will be playing the love interest of Avan Jogia.

Crystal Reed

In the same year as Teen Wolf‘s premiere, Crystal appeared in Drop Dead Diva for a single episode, and later went on to have a role in Jewtopia and Crush. Allison may have left Teen Wolf in season 3, but her spirit continued to be a part of the show right up until the finale. Following her departure in 2014, Crystal appeared in Too Late.

Then, after a single episode return to Teen Wolf in 2016, she filmed Incident in the Ghostland. Now, Reed is appearing on Gotham as Sofia Falcone and has a major role in Swamp Thing coming up in 2019.

Dylan O’brien

I’ve already written an extensive piece on Dylan’s prior work, as well as what he has coming up, though it bears repeating. Due to his schedule with The Maze Runner and its sequel, plus Deepwater Horizon and American Assassin, the actor’s role on the series was slightly reduced.

Next, Dylan will be working on Weird City, The Education of Fredrick Fitzell, The Bayou, and Marceau, all of which are in pre-production. The first two have a planned 2019 release, while the latter two don’t have a set date as of yet.

Tyler Hoechlin

During 2011, our second Tyler on the cast appeared in Hall Pass and Open Gate, and later went on to do Melvin Smarty and The Sticks. He hadn’t appeared on Teen Wolf in 2015 or 2016, and during that time, he filmed Everybody Wants Some!! and Undrafted. Though he returned to the show, Hoechlin kept working, this time on Stratton, Fifty Shades Freed, The Domestics, and Bigger.

One of the actor’s most exciting roles is his continued turn on Supergirl as Superman, which was highly praised by fans of the show. Hoechlin also has Then Came You in post-production and is currently filming the TV series Another Life. Finally, Can You Keep a Secret? is in pre-production.

Holland Roden

Though she was on Teen Wolf from start to finish, Holland did manage to take on a few projects at the same time, including a quick turn on Grey’s Anatomy, as well as House of Dust and Cry of Fear.

Following Teen Wolf’s end, the actress has joined two other horror shows, Lore and Channel Zero. She’ll also be a part of an untitled social media thriller that’s currently filming but doesn’t have a release date.

Melissa Ponzio

As one of the parents on Teen Wolf, Melissa didn’t have as much screen time as the kids. While filming the show, she took a turn on plenty of other series, including Touch, The Following, Banshee, Second Generation Wayans, and The Walking Dead.

Melissa also joined Chicago Fire during Teen Wolf’s filming and has since continued her role on that show. Recently, she had a role in the film Teen Drone Stalker and will appear in the short Hatched, which is currently in pre-production and scheduled for a 2019 release.

Linden Ashby

For much of the same reason, Linden Ashby also continued filming quite a few projects during Teen Wolf. His biggest turns were probably his quick cameo in Iron Man 3, as well as Army Wives. In addition to Gabe the Cupid Dog, he also appeared in The Perfect Boss and Beta Test.

Linden’s two projects in 2017 and 2018 included Lifeline and A Daughter’s Revenge, with Dead Mule Suitcase coming up soon, though without a release date.

JR Bourne

JR has been the busiest of the three parents on this show, so I won’t list everything he’s been in since Teen Wolf started. However, some of the big highlights include The Secret Circle, Revenge, UnREAL, Suits, and a quick turn on Arrow.

This year, JR has appeared in Falling Water, with two additional projects under his belt that should be coming out later in 2018. These are called Miracle Desert and Hospitality. He’ll also appear in a short called Milkshake, which is currently in post-production but doesn’t have a release date.

Shelley Hennig

Malia may have joined the show later than most on this list, but she quickly became a fan-favorite for many fans. Shelley’s major project during this time has been a continuation on her long-time role in Days of Our Lives. She’s also appeared in an episode of both Blue Bloods and Friends with Better Lives. In addition, she appeared in Unfriended, Ouija, About Scout, Summer of 8, and Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Shelley’s 2018 projects include Liberty Crossing, When We First Met, and The After Party. She’s also got False Prophets coming up later this year, which is currently in post-production.

Dylan Sprayberry

For all intents and purposes, Sprayberry is the baby on the show as Scott’s Beta and one of the youngest cast members. He joined in 2014 with Man of Steel already under his belt, adding Cry of the Butterfly and Left Behind: Vanished — Next Generation to his résumé in the meantime.

In 2018, our second Dylan had a role in The Row and will be putting out The Malibu Types later this year, as it’s currently in post-production. He’s also filming Light as a Feather, which has a planned 2018 release.

Ryan Kelly

During his time on Teen Wolf, our favorite hellhound appeared in both War Pigs and Lucifer (the movie, not the TV show). Following the end of the series, he put out Do I Say I Do? and Realms, as well as had a turn on NCIS: Los Angeles.

While he currently doesn’t have any upcoming projects, we can hope he’ll join a new one soon!

Arden Cho

In addition to two quick turns on Castle and Hawaii Five-O, Arden spent 2014 to 2016 on Teen Wolf as Kira Yukimura. She left the series prior to season 6, and has gone on to star in Young Hollywood, Single by 30, Tween Fest, Stuck, and Freakish.

She’s been in Miss 2059, The Honor List, and Chicago Med. Arden’s also got two announced projects titled Joon and Flexx.

Seth Gilliam

Deaton has had one of the longest standing roles on the show without being a major character, which means he’s had plenty of time to work on other projects while filming Teen Wolf. He’s had a turn on the series Skins, Svetlana, Person of Interest, Homeland, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, and Elementary. His films during those same years include The Skinny, Still Alice, and Police State.

In addition to a large turn on The Walking Dead, Seth has completed work on Change in the Air. Two other upcoming projects, The Code and Silver Lake, are in post-production, with all three having a planned 2018 release.

Ian Bohen

Finally, we have our favorite Hale uncle. He’s also been on the show from the beginning in a limited role, sometimes causing more trouble than we would’ve liked, and sometimes disappearing for longer than we would’ve liked, too. In terms of television series, he’s been on Drop Dead Diva, Body Proof, The Mentalist, Breakout Kings, Major Crimes, CSI, The Client List, Beauty and the Beast, and Chicago P.D.. As for his films, those have included Vile, The Dark Knight Rises, 5 Souls, and Wind River.

Since completing Teen Wolf, Bohen had a role in Sicario: Day of the Soldado, as well as the TV series Yellowstone. He’s also completed a role on Little Women, which has a planned 2018 release date.

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