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Farewell, ‘Teen Wolf’: Hypable’s favorite scenes across all six seasons

Has it sunk in yet, that Teen Wolf is gone? For several Hypable staff writers, we’re not ready to let go just yet so here are our favorite scenes from the series.

Sometimes the easiest way forward is to go back. Saying goodbye to Teen Wolf is certainly a monumental and difficult task, so what better way to celebrate everything it means to us than to remember the best Teen Wolf scenes, whether they were full of action, comedy, or heart.

Best ‘Teen Wolf’ scenes

Danielle Zimmerman

While I love so many aspects of Teen Wolf and found myself fist pumping or laughing through so many scenes over the last couple of years (I didn’t start watching until right before season 4… whoops!), the scene that will always stick out most for me is the very last scene of season 6A. You know, the one that felt like a really comforting and appropriate series finale that actually wasn’t.

I love this scene because it takes the series back to basics. It doesn’t try to cram in a lot of characters, details, or even relationships. It’s just Scott and Stiles, just like it was at the beginning of the series. This scene is light and relaxed, but with so much love and friendship coursing through it. This scene is the beating heart of Teen Wolf come to life. And an officer radioing about finding a body in the woods? It was a wonderful callback to where it all began. This final scene just felt genuine. It was perfect.

While I enjoyed last half of Teen Wolf‘s final season and thought the series finale episode was fun with how many throwback characters and vibes they fit in, I honestly think the last scene of 6A accomplished more as a finale than the one we just witnessed last week. Down the line, some may look back at the shot of Scott’s pack walking slo-mo through a dark parking lot and remember that as how the show ended, but I’ll always remember this scene instead. It struck a chord that the actual series finale just couldn’t hope to match.

Natalie Fisher

As co-founder of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, this is a near-impossible call to make without doing a full series re-watch and meticulously ranking options in a spreadsheet. However, one particular moment for my favorite character, Derek Hale, did immediately jump out in my memory when this article was pitched. Although most of what I love about Derek comes directly from actor Tyler Hoechlin, and many, many, many scenes from his performance would technically rank higher — the swimming pool with Stiles in “Abomination,” the hospital waiting room with Scott in “Riddled,” meeting Liam in “I.E.D.,” and Hoechlin’s own favorite scene with Chris Argent in “De-Void,” just to name a mere few — what I wanted to commemorate here was the time we spent with Derek after he’d been de-aged into his teenaged body, played by Ian Nelson, in season 4’s “117.”

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Regressed in mind as well as body, this look at Derek Hale as yet unscarred by the loss of his home and family is both hilarious and heartbreaking. From Sheriff Stilinski’s boggled discovery while fingerprinting him to Kate’s disturbing and predatory attempt at seducing the teen, the episode is a wealth of perspective on both Derek himself and others’ relationships with him, but the awkward dinner scene between Stiles, Derek (disguised once again as Stiles’ cousin Miguel) and Agent Raf McCall, Scott’s father, is one for the ages. Stiles’ horrified deflection is always a joy, but learning what a Derek without his life-defining trauma looks like, and seeing him so lighthearted — until he discovers the truth, at least — makes me mourn for his lost youth, and feel even more strongly about the character than I did before. Egg roll?

Brandi Delhagen

When asked to pick a favorite moment from the Teen Wolf series, I couldn’t think of anything else but the episode titled “Motel California.”

That episode has stuck with me for years. I vividly remember Coach telling the kids, “No sexual perversions from you little deviants!… Keep your dirty little hands to your dirty little selves!” An episode isn’t fulfilled unless there is a good quote from Coach.

The main reason “Motel California” comes to mind is the moment Stiles talks Scott out of killing himself. Their bond has always been a favorite of mine on the show, and while I’m not caught up on the last season, their friendship will remain my favorite aspect of Teen Wolf.

Kristen Kranz

There are so many great Teen Wolf moments that it seems nearly impossible to choose just one, but I think I’ve managed to do just that. While there are a million moments involving Stiles, Scott, Derek, and the rest, my favorite centers around the fiercest lady of the pack.

When Lydia finally learned to embrace not only her banshee powers, but her ability to kick a little ass in the season 5 premiere, she moved from being the smart girl in a dumb disguise to a powerhouse part of the team who has more to offer than her uncanny ability to find dead bodies.

She may not have been able to escape Eichen House all on her own in this moment, but she proved that she is more than capable of taking care of herself, and that as soon as she escaped the horror house that is Eichen, she would be an asset to her friends in their time of need.

Tariq Kyle

I have fond memories at the beginning of the series, and that’s really where my love for the show is the biggest. One of my favorite scenes in the series was in season 2, episode 4. Yep, it was the Sterek moment!

When Derek gets paralyzed by the Kanima, Stiles had to keep him afloat for two hours. This was back when I first started shipping Stiles and Derek, and it all felt so much more fun and innocent back then. The shipping communities have gotten really intense, and not just for Teen Wolf, so it’s fun to think about the times I could just easily ship Stiles and Derek without any sort of expectation or hope, just having fun watching them be on screen together.

Plus, c’mon. Stiles AND Derek soaking wet? Sign me up any day!

Karen Rought

Just like Natalie, I find it difficult to pin down just one scene that means so much to me. After all of these years with this show, putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into covering it, I can hardly pick a favorite character, let alone one single moment that stands out above all the others.

But that’s why we’re here, and this was my idea, so I suppose I should fall in line and pick one.

Mine’s going to be a little out in left field because my favorite scene is from the second half of season 6. And it stars Sheriff Stilinski. For those of you who know me well, you’ll know what respect and appreciation I have for Linden Ashby, who’s had a long and successful career and who also starred in one of my all-time favorite movies, Mortal Kombat. Some people think it’s terrible. I think it’s perfect.

My mind was blown when I found out Ashby had played Johnny Cage in MK, and ever since then, I’ve fallen more in love with the sheriff. He’s had a good, supportive arc over the last six seasons, despite a little bump in the road here and there. And it may have taken the entire series to finally see him kick some ass, Johnny Cage-style, but it was well worth it. There’s only one other scene in this series that I’ve had such a visceral reaction to, but this one seemed much more uplifting than that time we thought Stiles was dying.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for Beacon Hills, Sheriff.

What are some of your favorite scenes from ‘Teen Wolf’?

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