6:00 pm EST, December 12, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ behind-the-scenes photo: First look at Heather?

A picture popped up on the Internet today of a behind-the-scenes photo on the set of Teen Wolf that includes Dylan O’Brien and a new actress. Could this be our first look at Heather?

The photo comes from an article with the LA Times that discusses the show’s move from Atlanta to L.A. due to winning a tax credit that allowed the transition.

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The article also discusses that the team is leasing a 90,000 square foot warehouse with various offices, editing rooms, and different sets. They’re going to be mostly shooting on soundstages, but they’ll also be shooting on location a few days per episode.

But what really caught our eye was the picture at the top of the article from filming that took place on Monday, December 10.

The caption reads:

Caitlin Custer and Dylan O’Brien film a scene of MTV’s teen series “Teen Wolf,” which relocated from Georgia to L.A. to take advantage of a California tax credit. The drama centers around an awkward teenager whose life is transformed when he is bitten by a werewolf. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times / December 10, 2012)

While a further description says:

The director watches a monitor as an actor rushes down a staircase into a basement wine cellar, searching among the racks of bottles for his childhood crush.

We know from a previous announcement that Heather is “strikingly beautiful” and “a long-time friend of Stiles who is celebrating her 17th birthday.” While “long-time friend” doesn’t necessarily lead to “childhood crush” it is possible that Custer could be playing the role of Heather.

Do you think Custer could be playing Heather, or do you think she’s portraying someone else?

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