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‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 9 recap: For better or worse

Teen Wolf season 5, episode 9, “Lies of Omission,” just finished airing. Check out our recap and discuss with fellow fans!

The episode begins with Scott recapping what has been going on in Beacon Hills so far and how hopeless everyone seems to be feeling. We find out he’s telling all of this to Theo, who says he’s with Scott for better or worse. “Trust me, there’s going to be worse,” Scott says. “I’m counting on it,” Theo replies.

Yeah, we see right through you, Theo Raeken. Right. Through. You.

Theo then confronts the Dread Doctors about Hayden, whom he wants alive, but the Doctors do not care. He says he was promised a pack, but the Doctors say he was promised nothing. They also talked about perigee syzygy, the supermoon, which seems to be when everything will go down for them. This is the first time Theo actually looks afraid of the Doctors.

teen wolf season 5 episode 9 theo full

At school, Liam is checking up on Hayden, and everything seems fine with her — until she starts bleeding mercury. This is definitely a problem.

Lydia and Stiles walk around the woods without finding the Nemeton, but to no avail. Lydia insists on going to Parrish, but Stiles doesn’t want her to. He can’t come up with a good reason, and it’s clear he’s seconds away from telling her about Donovan, but he keeps quiet and relents instead.

In the locker room, Scott continues to struggle with his asthma. Liam doesn’t offer much sympathy, and instead pushes Scott away, saying, “We can’t protect anyone.” Theo then confronts Stiles about Donovan, saying he thinks Scott would understand now that he crossed the line with Cory. Stiles looks back and sees himself stabbed through with the pipe instead of Donovan — a vision we will never be able to get out of our heads.

teen wolf season 5 episode 9 stiles

Mason helps Cory figure out how strong he is and sweetly tells him he should trust in Scott, despite what happened last time they were together. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski goes into the library searching for mercury and finds it. He seems to put two and two together about his son.

Cory is wheeled out of the school because he’s profusely bleeding mercury. Theo gets Scott to go after him, and while they’re in the car, Theo tells Scott what Stiles did. Only, he exaggerates — a lot — and makes it sound more like Stiles killed Donovan on purpose.

In class, Malia notices another chimera named Beth, and when the girl runs out because she’s bleeding mercury, Mrs. Martin blocks Malia from helping Beth. It’s only when Malia flashes her eyes that Mrs. Martin lets her pass. But Malia is no match for Beth as she throws Malia into the lockers. Then the Dread Doctors show up and kill Beth, leaving Malia frightened and upset about losing another one.

And Beth is not the only one whose life has ended. Cory’s camouflaging powers are no match for Dread Doctors, as he’s killed, too.

Lydia takes Parrish to the woods, and while he at first seems to automatically know where’s he’s going, he soon becomes just as lost as Lydia. She starts fighting him, showing off how much she’s learned and distracting him at the same time. His powers kick in and he looks right at the Nemeton.

teen wolf season 5 episode 9 theo scott

The Sheriff talks with Theo, who lies right to his face. Well, Theo tells the truth, but says he killed Donovan instead of Stiles. The Sheriff sympathizes with the lying liar who lies, and hugs him. We’d like to say we took this moment calmly and with grace, but it mostly resulted in yelling at the TV about how that hug was meant for Stiles.

At Sinema, the Dread Doctors show up for Hayden. It looks touch and go until Scott and Theo show up, but the Doctors still manage to get a needle into her neck. Her eyes go silver, but the Doctors depart and Hayden doesn’t seem to be dying.

Lydia informs Parrish he’s covering up the supernatural deaths in town, and while that’s great to learn — we knew he wasn’t a bad guy, but it’s always good to make sure — it still doesn’t tell us what the heck he is. He informs Lydia that when he dreams of the Nemeton, there are hundreds of bodies stacked against the stump.

Parrish locks himself up so he won’t steal any more bodies, and Sheriff Stilinski lets him be. Meanwhile, Scott confronts Stiles in a heart-wrenching scene that has us cursing Theo even more than we already have been (and that’s saying something). If only Scott had asked for Stiles’ version of events, he would know Theo was up to no good. But it’s no use.

After Scott basically tells Stiles to turn himself into his dad, he goes inside the clinic to see how Hayden is doing. She’s not well, and Liam thinks she’s dying. He asks Scott to give her the Bite, to turn her, so she can heal properly.

Scott says no.

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