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‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 6 recap: Muscle memory

By Karen Rought | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Teen Wolf season 5, episode 6 just finished airing! Check out our recap and discuss with fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 5, episode 6, “Required Reading,” begins with Scott reaching for his inhaler. A Dread Doctor smashes it and begins attacking him. Malia and Melissa arrive from the elevator, and Malia begins giving the Doctor a smackdown. It’s enough for Melissa to save her son and for Malia to retreat back into the elevator. “We never should’ve read that book,” Scott says.

Going back in time, the sheriff says there are now 11 total chimeras, including Donovan, who he won’t cross off until they find a body. Stiles changes the subject as soon as he can, asking why these teenagers in particular. Something clearly made them special.

teen wolf season 5 episode 6 holes

Parrish is training Lydia, and though she’s got some moves down, she’s not perfect yet. Parrish says she’ll get it, but it’s obvious Lydia is frustrated. But while they pause, Lydia has a quick flashback of the Dread Doctors doing something to her while she was having her surgery.

Scott asks Theo for help again, looking for anyone acting strangely. “I came here hoping to find a pack,” Theo says. “I wasn’t planning on watching it fall apart.” Scott doesn’t have an answer for that, and instead everyone gets a book to read, hoping it’ll trigger some memories.

Stiles lies to Malia about his shoulder, but Malia lies to him about seeing her mom shooting up the car when she was a child. At Sinema, Hayden complains about all ages night (is that a thing?) before Liam runs up to her offering $43. He owes her $200, and although she doesn’t want his money or his help, he refuses to let her down despite her saying nothing will make up for what happened in the sixth grade.

At Scott’s house, everyone has fallen asleep trying to finish the book. Everyone, that is, except for Theo, who visits Kira and records her speaking Japanese.

teen wolf season 5 episode 6 scott 2

Stiles is starting to see the appeal of a third eye as he, Kira, and Scott make a list of all the things they need to watch out for at school. The lights flicker, but Kira says it’s not her. We don’t really believe her, and neither do Scott and Stiles.

In AP biology, Lydia and Theo notice one of the other students losing her hair. She drops the class and walks out, with Lydia close behind. Turns out she’s not a chimera — it’s just stress — but when Lydia looks at the bald patch on the girl’s head, she falls to the floor, has another flashback, and hears her mother saying, “I told you to stay in the car.”

Lydia sees her grandmother in a bathtub in Eichen House with a wound on her head near her ear. Lydia’s mother is there, yelling at a young Lydia to return to the car. Meanwhile, in the library, Kira can barely read the book she was given, and Mason says he’s been doing some research that might help explain that. It turns out fox spirits have difficulty with language, and since the book is one long language trick, it’s confusing Kira’s fox spirit. The lights flicker again, but Kira once again denies it’s her.

Scott wants to drop AP Bio, but just as he’s about the sign his name, he sees himself as a kid having an asthma attack. At the same time, he’s having an actual asthma attack.

As Hayden and Liam have a goal scoring competition, Mason explains to Brett what happened in sixth grade between the two of them. Apparently that was at the height of Liam’s anger management. When he was getting into a fight of another boy, Hayden walked into the middle of it. Her yearbook picture was ruined thanks to her black eyes, but she ruined Liam’s in retaliation.

While still on the field, someone comes looking for an inhaler. Liam saves Scott by making his eyes glow and calling his name, probably snapping him back to reality with their Alpha/Beta connection, and gives him the inhaler. Scott takes his inhaler and can breathe again.

teen wolf season 5 episode 6 malia

Malia talks to Theo, and totally shows him up in the weight room. She doesn’t want him to tell Scott about her memories, and Theo agrees…while also saying he’s down for whatever else she might want to do. Malia storms out.

Theo makes his way to the locker room to tell Scott that Kira has been saying “I am the messenger of death” in Japanese. Scott also tells Theo that the fox spirit is taking over and that he doesn’t know if he can trust her. Looks like all of Theo’s little seeds of doubt are starting to sprout.

Lydia and Stiles go to the hospital to figure out whose memory she’s having of the Dread Doctors doing surgery on someone, and that’s when she sees a chimera being made.

Stiles has a flashback of his mother when she was sick in the hospital. She’s up on the roof, and Sheriff Stlinski brings her down off the edge. She’s complaining about how Stiles, who is only 10 at the time, is looking at her like he wants to kill her. This is a product of her disease and it makes her attack him. Older Stiles takes it until he snaps out of it and notices he’s really being attacked by a chimera.

After we once again see Scott being attacked by the Dread Doctor and Malia and his mother saving him, we see Theo take care of the new chimera. He rips out his throat and tells Stiles not to say anything to Scott. After all, Theo never said anything to Scott about what Stiles did to Donovan.

Oh, and Hayden needs that money because she has medicine for a kidney transplant she had a while back. The kidney, however, is from a supernatural creature, which means she has some supernatural abilities — like the healing powers we saw a few episodes ago.

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