12:15 pm EDT, November 2, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ 3×02 episode title, new character snippets revealed

The name of the second episode of season 3 of Teen Wolf snuck its way online yesterday, along with two (very) brief descriptions of new characters.

Episode 3×02 is reportedly called “Chaos Rising.” About a month ago we learned that the first episode of the season will be called “Tattoo.”

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There isn’t much we can glean from the title alone, although it does have an ominous feel to it. It would make sense if this were the episode that really established how dangerous the Alpha Pack could potentially be to our favorite Beacon Hills werewolves.

We also know that episode 2 will launch Stiles into the pseudo-detective role, and that episodes 2 and 3 will both contain big moments for him.

According to SpoilerTV, we also have this short snippet about the episode and a new character: “We will meet Cora, a recurring character. She is a beautiful raven-haired, mysterious woman with a secret tie to werewolves.”

Interesting! Could this be the mysterious woman from the first page of the 3×01 script that was released a month ago? The snippet says that this is when we “meet” Cora, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t show up in the first episode and quickly disappear as soon as Isaac can get back on his feet, without ever really introducing herself.

Or perhaps she’s someone else entirely? Saying that she has a secret tie to the werewolves makes us think that she’s not a werewolf herself. Could she be a hunter? A former hunter? Maybe she’s something else entirely. A relative of one of the other characters, perhaps?

EOnline also has another tiny reveal as far as new characters go — the creators are currently looking for someone to play “the strikingly beautiful Heather, a long-time friend of Stiles who is celebrating her 17th birthday.”

We love reading your speculations, so be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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