3:15 pm EST, January 31, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ episode 3×08 will feature a young Derek Hale

We knew we were going to get a flashback episode on this season of Teen Wolf, and now a minor spoiler may help us figure out when this look into the past is supposed to take place.

According to SpoilerTV, episode 3×08 is where we’ll get our flashback, which will involve Derek. According to executive producer Jeff Davis, there may also be a hunter flashback alongside that. Could we be seeing a younger Chris Argent? Perhaps that’s why Eaddy Mays (Victoria) visited the set a few days ago?

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In addition to knowing when this flashback will take place in the season 3 lineup, SpoilerTV also says that Derek will be about 14-15 years old. According to the Teen Wolf novel On Fire by Nancy Holder, Derek was about 16 years old when he met and subsequently slept with Kate Argent. So it seems that the flashback will be taking place a year or two prior to that.

This could be an interesting time-frame to delve into, as it seems reasonable to expect to be introduced to Derek’s family. Is it possible we’ll be seeing some interactions with Derek and his sister, Laura? Could we be getting a look into the dynamic of a real, healthy, functioning wolf pack? Could we be seeing Derek’s parents?

A few years prior to this we know that Derek and his mother were in Wisconsin, according to the “Search for a Cure” webisode series. Dr. Fenris pulled the arrows from Mrs. Hale’s body, which allowed her to heal, and she and her son left the hospital. The doctor spent the next five years tracking them down, finally settling in Beacon Hills, where they disappeared — presumably because of the fire.

Could we be seeing Derek and his family on the run? Could we see them settling in Beacon Hills for the first time? Let us know what you think!

What scenes would you like to see in the flashback episode?

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