12:45 pm EDT, June 18, 2015

Ted loses everything in new ‘Ted 2’ trailer

The latest Ted 2 trailer is a bit more tame than the previous red-band trailers, but it includes some new and hilarious scenes as we approach the film’s upcoming release.

Ted 2 has a pretty incredible cast, with Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seyfried joining in on the hilarious raunchy-fun, while Mila Kunis is unfortunately nowhere to be found. The film is headed to theaters a week from Friday, and Universal has released a new trailer in anticipation of its release.

Ted and his thunder buddy John, played by Mark Wahlberg, will be fighting the system in Ted’s sequel, as Ted wants he and Tami-Lynn to have a child together, but he has to prove that he’s a person and not John’s property.

Seth MacFarlane is back as the loveable teddy bear that he wrote, directed, and voices in the sequel to the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever released. The first Ted film hit theaters back in 2012, and took in a massive $549 million at its worldwide box office total.

Hopefully Jurassic World’s monstrous box office pull won’t prevent the sequel from achieving similar success as the first Ted film, but it’s possible that it may have some sort of effect as moviegoers go for repeat viewings of the incredibly successful Jurassic Park sequel.

Amanda Seyfried will be portraying Ted’s attorney, and Ted questions her abilities as soon they meet due to the fact that she looks incredibly young, and her character has the same initials as actor Samuel L. Jackson, but surprisingly doesn’t actually know who the popular actor is (maybe he’ll get a cameo?).

The sequel is looking just as funny as the first film, but we imagine it’ll be tough to get the same word-of-mouth that the original film was able to achieve.

The addition of Morgan Freeman as an iconic civil rights lawyer should help bring in another age of moviegoers, so we expect the film to do quite well despite Jurassic World eating up the worldwide opening weekend at the box office this past week by pulling in over $500 million, making it the #1 opening weekend of all-time both worldwide and domestically.

Let us know what you think about Ted 2’s latest trailer, as the film approaches its theatrical release on June 26.

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