Team StarKid to appear at UK Inva3ion convention

7:15 pm EST, November 15, 2012

Seven members of Team StarKid have been announced as special guests at Inva3ion, a British sci-fi convention taking place in May 2013.

Brian Holden, Denise Donovan, Joey Richter, Dylan Saunders, Joe Walker, Lauren Lopez and Meredith Stepien will travel to London to take part in the three-day event, and just like StarKid’s attendance at cons such as LeakyCon and Azkatraz focused on their Potter shows, at this sci-fi convention StarKid will be celebrating their outer-space creation, Starship.

Inva3ion marks Team StarKid’s first public appearance in Great Britain, but not in Europe – StarKid made their first international venture at RingCon in Germany this past October, though Dylan Saunders and Denise Donovan did not attend that event.

Tickets to Inva3ion are on sale now via Starfury Conventions. Other guests announced so far include Dollhouse star Fran Kranz and writer Jed Whedon.

British friends! Will you be going to see Team StarKid at Inva3ion?


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