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Eleven fun facts you may not know about Team StarKid

6. Joe Walker breaks everything

Not all that hard to believe, right? Especially since StarKid uses affordable and not life-proof equipment. According to Brian Holden, Joe broke a sword during almost every performance of Twisted. He just gets so into what he’s doing that he must forget how fragile the props actually are. To be fair, we’d probably do the same and break a few swords of our own if we were in his position. He’s allowed and encouraged to play with swords.

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7. StarKid cast members keep all of their personal props and accessories in personal cubbies in their dressing room

According to Brian Holden, this was their first time trying out the cubby system. During previous shows, accessories and props used to be strewn across their dressing room and backstage area. This summer, they instead chose plastic crates (like the ones you’d use in your room or bring to college) and lined them all up on the shelf above their costume rack. Each cubby crate had a StarKid member’s name on it so it was easy to tell whose was whose. Of course, the members also wrote nicknames on each others’ crates (naturally names relating to poop and silly stuff).

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8. The Pincer puppet had a hard time getting onstage

The Pincer puppet in Starship couldn’t really fit through a door easily so it took some maneuvering to get the entire thing on stage. As the puppeteers would walk onstage with the giant puppet, they’d have to bend down pretty far and practically crawl to get Pincer through the door. We would’ve loved to have seen that!

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9. The door they always use onstage is affectionately referred to as ‘Joey’s door’

Danielle going through Team Starkid Joey's door

How cute is that? They actually call it “Joey’s door” and in a really natural way! Like, Brian never referred to it that way in a mocking tone. The door is on wheels, which makes it easy for travel and, we’d imagine, bringing it into storage. The door is also actually pretty light! It’s made of a very lightweight wood, which makes it a bit hard to slam. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like to us when we were invited to make a fun entrance through it. This writer was the first one of the day to walk through it. It was SUPER cool.

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10. (New) Converse are a very StarKid thing

You may have noticed (and fallen in love with) the fact that Team StarKid favors Converse shoes. Holy Musical [email protected], The Apocalyptour, Ani: A Parody… All of these productions feature StarKids in Converse. Why? The troupe started using Converse because they’re easy to walk and dance in. Their other option was going barefoot, which is pretty unprofessional.

When we asked Brian Holden if they have to continually buy new Converse or if they reuse the same ones among different cast members, his answer kind of surprised us. He had never really considered reusing them before! He told us that Nick just tells the cast to keep their shoes because it’s less stuff that they have to find storage for. Plus, the Holy Musical [email protected] ones were just so unique. However, he said that he’d definitely like to reuse shoes in the future (and thanked us for the question).

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11. Brian Holden is a pretty amazing guy

Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a new fun fact. It’s not even a little known fact. But it’s a fact that we nonetheless felt compelled to share after going through the backstage tour. Not to belittle the work of any other StarKid (because they all work their asses off), but just taking a tour with Brian Holden really hit it home for us in terms of everything that he does.

  • He took us on this tour a little while before he had to start getting ready for his first of two shows for the night.
  • He had insightful and in-depth answers to every single question that we had, demonstrating his involvement in practically every aspect of Starkid.
  • He showed a lot of excitement when he brought us up to the booth to see the livestream equipment that he was working with for the shows.
  • He coordinated (as well as participated in and attended) a lot of the late night programming.

Though we should have noticed a long time ago, we never really realized how much Brian (or any of the Starkids) really do. Brian Holden for StarKid Summer Season MVP, ya’ll.

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Do you know of any Team StarKid fun facts? Share them in the comments below!

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