Team StarKid have announced the performance schedule for Ani and The Trail to Oregon! – the two new musicals that the theater group will be performing during their Chicago “summer season.”

In an announcement on their official Tumblr, the folks over at StarKid HQ have released the busy schedule for their summer season. Team StarKid will be performing two new plays – Ani (a Star Wars parody musical) and The Trail to Oregon!, based on the old-school computer game – both of which will premiere on July 3. The two shows will run concurrently at Chicago’s Stage 773. You can check out StarKid’s tumblr post for a listing of every performance, but the season will run for six weeks, with a total of 24 performances for The Trail to Oregon! and 22 for Ani.

Tickets for the new StarKid shows will go on sale this weekend, May 18, beginning with a “season pass” value deal which, for $75, will include admission to each of the two musicals on dates of your choosing, along with exclusive merchandise and a backstage tour. Single-show ticket availability will be announced at a later date. StarKid also promises Chicago summer season attendees the opportunity to see a variety of intimate late-night shows featuring various cast members – these are likely to include sketch comedy, stand-up and music.

Speaking with Hypable last month at “StarKid Takes Manhattan,” Brian Holden told us about the “fun, summer camp feel” that the group hopes to offer anyone coming into town to see their summer season, and also about the mammoth task that’s ahead of the team as they prepare to run two musicals at the same time, admitting “I don’t think that we appreciate how big of a challenge it’s going to be yet.”

We also spoke with Clark Baxtresser – the composer for Ani – and Jeff Blim, who’s been working on developing The Trail to Oregon! for nearly ten years, about their respective projects. Read our full interview about StarKid’s five-year anniversary celebrations and the upcoming musicals here.

No casting for either musical is announced yet, but StarKid’s schedule notes that some performance weeks coincide with convention commitments – The Trail to Oregon! won’t be running over the weekend of Starfury’s G4 convention, and Ani will be dark during the weekend of LeakyCon. If you’re the kind of fan that likes to play detective, it’s possible to theorize that the leading cast of the respective shows are scheduled at those particular conventions – start your guessing!

Will you be attending StarKid’s Summer Season in Chicago? Got any casting theories for the new musicals?

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