6:24 pm EST, March 6, 2020

Taylor Swift shows fans what it takes to become ‘The Man’ in new behind the scenes video

Taylor Swift has dropped a behind the scenes look of just what it took to bring her new music video for “The Man” to life!

Last month, Taylor Swift wowed us with an epic new music video for her anthemic new single, “The Man.”

Now, the “Lover” singer is pulling the curtain back for fans far and wide so everyone can see just what it took to make sure she was camera ready as Tyler Swift.

“The Man Behind The Scenes — Becoming The Man is out now! Only took 5 hours in the makeup chair + a little sprinkle of privilege dust,” joked the singer via Twitter where she also shared a link to the video with Swifties far and wide.

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As Swift explains in the video, she reunited with “Look What You Made Me Do” makeup artist Bill Corso to put on the look for “The Man.”

“I had no idea what they do to your body to make you look different. I have muscle suits on underneath things, I had — I don’t even wanna talk to you what else. I don’t even want to tell you about it!” says Taylor Swift of the makeup process at one point.

The physical transformation isn’t the only thing Swift had to work on in order to give viewers a believable performance as the male alter ego that stars in her latest music video.

In addition, she also had to get her mannerisms down just right.

To do this, the pop star worked with a movement coach who helped her with everything from walking and smoking cigars, to the proper way to check somebody out (“Do you check out their boobs and then their butt?” Is definitely a question we never thought we’d hear Taylor Swift asking anyone!)

In a particularly funny moment, Taylor even gets a lesson in adjusting her underwear — something fans will undoubtedly remember from the subway scene in her music video.

Overall, the brand new behind the scenes video offers up a fun look at all the work Taylor Swift put in to the music video she wrote and directed herself!

Check out the full video below!

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