Taylor Swift made a big splash releasing the new music video for her latest single, “Delicate,” during the iHeart Radio Awards.

Taylor Swift whipped her fans into a fervor when she announced on her social media channels that she’d be dropping the “Delicate” video during the iHeart Radio Awards. Fans were excited to see what the artist had cooked up after explosive videos like “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?.”

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The “Delicate” video takes a bit of a sweet turn from some of the more intense videos from her Reputation album. “Delicate” shows Swift attending an event, flanked by security guards and surrounded by fans on the red carpet.

After she’s handed a mysterious letter, Swift soon realizes she becomes invisible and promptly begins goofing off and dancing around Los Angeles. It isn’t until she gets to the Golden Gopher bar (after a long, Gene Kelly-esque dance through a rainy LA) that Swift becomes visible again.

When she’s visible at the start of the song, Swift’s relationship with the outside world is strained, and it isn’t until she becomes invisible that she’s able to let loose and experience some freedom. It’s a telling given Swift’s recent choice to use wipe her social media accounts (which she now only uses for album promotion) and limit her public appearances.

Fans had been curious about Taylor Swift’s life since she dropped off the grid, and this music video gives us a bit of insight into her feelings about her more private life. Swift’s disappearance from public life might have started thanks to the controversy over Kanye West’s song “Famous,” but it looks like it has been a pretty liberating time for the artist.

The song itself also hints at the tenuous and delicate stages of an early relationship. Like many of the songs on Reputation, “Delicate” was likely written about Swift’s own relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, which started during her time out of the public eye. With lyrics like “my reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me,” Swift seems to be giving a nod to the genuine roots to the two’s relationship, despite the issues surrounding her public persona.

Regardless of your level of interest in Swift’s personal life, “Delicate” is a catchy, sweet tune, with a great music video to match. We’ll definitely be watching this music video about a hundred times more today!

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