With classic films like Dirty Dancing and Footloose getting the remake treatment recently, the original movie Sandy, Olivia Newton-John, speculated about the possibility of a Grease remake and suggested Taylor Swift for the role of Sandy.

Speaking to HLN’s A.J. Hammer on “Showbiz Tonight,” Newton-John also said her daughter would be good for the part if the remake were to happen.

“I’m sure they’ll try [a remake], and I think it would probably do well because people would be curious,” Newton-John told HLN’s A.J. Hammer. “But there’s something about the originals… that people still want to see. But I’m sure they’ll do it, and they’ll do an updated version, and it’ll be great. Lately, I’ve thought Taylor Swift could probably [play Sandy], because she’s very talented. And my daughter, I’ve always thought she could.”

How do you feel about a Grease remake? Would Taylor Swift be a good Sandy?

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