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Heartwarming and heartbreaking, ‘Tattered’ by Devney Perry takes readers on an emotional ride

Readers should prepare for the myriad of emotions that will hit them during the second chance romance that is Tattered by Devney Perry!

Tattered by Devney Perry is the first book in the Lark Cove series. Lark Cove, Montana is the place of second chances and it’s where Thea moved after years of nothing but disappointments in New York.

But before that, Thea had one night of passion with a man that she never thought she would see again. After all, what would a man that wore tailored suits want from a woman that wore second hand clothes?

What neither of them was expecting was for another person to come into the picture after that night, their daughter.

It’s then that Thea packed up her things and headed to Montana to start over. She never knew that her mystery stranger went back looking for her. Until they ran into each other by coincidence and all their truths were revealed.

At it’s heart, Tattered is very much a second chance romance. It’s also an accidental romance, however, due to a time jump the reader only gets filled in on what happened between Thea and Logans one night stand to several years later when their daughter Charlie is already school aged.

While readers do miss out on the adorable baby years, having Charlie at an age where she’s old enough to understand the complexity of the situation with her father adds on emotional depth that I haven’t seen with many accidental pregnancies.

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For the first time, I was embarrassed for being so chemically attracted to him. Why would he want me when he probably had a fancy, rich girlfriend in New York?

Still, I had no control over how my body came to life when he was near. My blood heated. My palms ached to press against the hard planes of his chest. My fingertips itched to dig into the muscles of his sculpted ass.

But he wasn’t here for me. He was here for Charlie.

I was his one-night stand gone awry.

Nothing more.

Not only is Logan trying to win a second chance with Thea, but he’s also trying to win over Charlie who doesn’t warm up to him immediately.

With all of the chemistry between Thea and Logan, one might expect their relationship to go smoother than it does. But Thea has plenty of emotional walls put up, thanks in part to her childhood but also because of her fears over what will happen with her daughter now that Logan has appeared.

Though Logan makes it very clear that he wants to be part of Thea and Charlie’s lives, he also makes it pretty clear that he’s committed to his life in New York as well. That’s where is family is and his career, both of which take up plenty of his time.

He has the money to buy an additional house in Montana and fly back and forth when he wants, but free time is much harder for him to come across.

For Thea, this brings up a lot of fears that she may be forced to bring Charlie to New York to live if Logan decides to his wealth and influence to make it happen. Though Logan promises not to do so, he does spend a lot of time trying to convince Thea and Charlie that they might like living in New York.

She held my gaze without wavering.

Soon she’d see.

I wasn’t just coming back for Charlie, but for her too.

Thea stirred feelings deeper than I’d ever had for another woman, and we’d only been together for a week. I’d prove to them both that I was a new constant. They’d see that I was the missing piece to their family.

Then maybe one day soon, we could actually be a family. I could sweep them both away from here and build them the life of their dreams.

But since that’s not what they want, it just ends up creating a lot of tension between the little family. Thea’s childhood trauma is the second big obstacle that they have to overcome.

And for a long time, Logan isn’t even sure what that is. He knows she didn’t have a great upbringing, but because she doesn’t like to talk about it, Logan is clueless for a long time.

Devney Perry packs a lot of depth and emotion into Tattered in a way that keeps readers hooked on the story. However, it also means that the novel isn’t exactly a quick and easy read. If you’re looking for something funny and breezy to read for the summer, this isn’t it. You’ll want to be prepared for a little heart break — but it’s worth it in the end.

As a bonus, readers will get a bit of a hint of what’s to come in Lark Cove #2 titled Timid! The couple featured is Thea’s friend Jackson that she grew up with in New York and moved to Montana with. And the local woman that’s had her eye on Jackson, even when he didn’t pay any attention to her.

Tattered by Devney Perry will be released on June 19! Pre-order now from Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo. And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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