5:08 am EDT, August 28, 2015

Target just dropped an awesome gender-neutral ‘Star Wars’ toy commercial

The Target (ha!) audience for Star Wars merchandise just doubled. Everyone wins!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise is coming, and Target wants you to know that it’s appropriate for all ages and genders!

The Force of consumerism is strong with all of us, let’s just get that out of the way.

Target, obviously, is trying to sell us things. But so what? At least, as this awesome commercial proves, we’re all encouraged to join the merch party!

In a new ad promoting their upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens product launch on September 4, Target uses decades-old home video footage (which looks legit, although you never know with advertisements) to show the social power of not only the Star Wars franchise, but of the merchandise.

Kids and adults alike play with lightsabers, do their best Wookie impressions, perform musical pieces and quote iconic lines from the six-film saga… an although there’s a predominance of little boys, the advertisements opens its target audience by including adults, girls, and people of color.

The love for Star Wars spans all generations and walks of life, and as the commercial shows towards the end, we’ll all be lining up for The Force Awakens with lights in our eyes. (It’s just the midichlorians, don’t worry about it.)

Rather than showing off their merchandise, Target chooses to use this ad to prove that anyone can be a Star Wars fan, and (more business-appropriate) anyone can buy the toys.

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Aside from being awesome and inducing lots of nostalgia feels, this Target ad also hammers home something very important: that in the Western world, the power of consumers is all-important.

Every time we buy something, we are giving a little speck of power to someone. Although buying a brand of toothpaste feels about as impactful as casting a single vote, it is probably the most significant way in which you can make sure brands that represent your values are given more influence.

So when Target chooses to make their toy aisles gender-neutral, and promote Star Wars toys for both genders, it matters — because while they’re only doing it to make money (isn’t that why anyone does anything?), it’s our responsibility to prove that there is indeed money in equal representation.

Shop wisely, folks. And enjoy your lightsaber battles responsibly.

The ‘Star Wars’ merchandise drops next week on ‘Force Friday,’ September 4

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