Hypable Author Interview: Loretta Nyhan

Loretta Nyhan is the author of The Witch Collector, a young adult paranormal romance-thriller coming in April. Loretta is a professor of literature at DeVry University, as well as a co-author of women’s fiction. She lives near Chicago with her husband and sons, and enjoy gardening, Halloween, and witches.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Arlaina Tibensky

Arlaina Tibensky is the world’s oldest teenager, and the author of the young adult novel And Then Things Fall Apart. Some of her short stories have appeared in One Story, The Madison Review, and Inkwell. A recent New York Foundation for the Arts grant recipient, she lives in New York City with her husband and sons and face paints in her spare time.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Mindee Arnett

Mindee Arnett is the author of the young adult fantasy thriller The Nightmare Affair, which will hit bookstores in March. Mindee lives in Ohio with her husband, children, and many animals. She has participated in Civil War reennactments, broken her nose twice, and loves riding horses.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer is the author of The Lunar Chronicles, a young adult sci-fi quartet beginning with Cinder and continuing with Scarlet, which will hit bookstores in February. Marissa lives in Washington with her husband and three cats, and enjoys Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and wearing awesome costumes.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Noelle Stevenson

Noelle Stevenson is the artist and writer of Nimona, a fantasy/superhero webcomic set to be published as a young adult graphic novel by HarperCollins. Known online as “Gingerhaze,” Noelle is also the artist behind The Broship of the Ring and other witty pop-culture comics. Noelle lives in Baltimore where she attends art school, and likes pirates, bad TV, and making fun of things she loves.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Sarah Wylie

Sarah Wylie is the author of the young adult novel All These Lives. Sarah has a degree in Neuroscience and a poor sense of direction; she lives in Canada and enjoys daydreaming and eating Twizzlers.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Jennifer Rush

Jennifer Rush is the author of the young adult sci-fi thriller Altered and the upcoming middle grade adventure Bot Wars. Jennifer lives in a “charmingly retro” house in Michigan with her husband and children, and rooted for Dean and Castiel in Hypable’s BattleShips.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Kristin Halbrook

Kristin Halbrook is the author of the upcoming young adult novel Nobody But Us. A self-described gregarious goofball, Kristin lives in Seattle and when not writing, enjoys cooking, coffee, and the NFL.

Hypable Exclusive Author Interview: Sarah Fine

Sarah Fine is the author of Sanctum, the first in the Guards of the Shadowlands young adult urban fantasy trilogy. Sarah is more-or-less from Indiana, and works as a child psychologist when not writing for young adults. She enjoys fried food and confesses to a rather eclectic taste in music.