3:30 pm EDT, February 1, 2017

Give us ‘Sweet/Vicious’ season 2 — or else

Dear MTV, order another season of Sweet Vicious or the people are going to revolt!

If the Women’s March taught us anything, it’s that women aren’t going to go gentle into that good night. With our Pussy Grabber in Chief running the White House like his own personal playground, this isn’t the time to test us.

So listen up MTV. We’re getting another season of Sweet Vicious, or else.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… We know violence isn’t always the answer in the real world. But sometimes you just gotta wake people up and let them know you mean business.

So. Do you hear us, MTV? We’re serious. Give us another season of this show!

How can you threaten to cut us off before things even really get started? Creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has some incredible ideas in the pipeline for what could happen during season 2 of Sweet Vicious. Frankly, you’d be idiots if you prevent her from telling these stories. Especially in this current climate.

For instance, she had this to say when speaking to EW last week: “We think male survivors are important. We think race issues are important. We want to talk about bullying,” but they simply didn’t have enough time.

This year Jules’ story had to come first. Her relationship with Ophelia had to come first. So whatever stories Sweet Vicious told, it sort of had to center around that. Next year, however, things could really start to expand.

When asked what a second season would look like, Robinson said it would be “bigger and more fantastic.”

Apart from those incredibly interesting things, we haven’t even mentioned one of the most exciting reasons for having a second season.

As it turns out, our good friend Ophelia is a big old bisexual.

That’s right, fam. Robinson confirmed it herself on Twitter. So if we miss out on an opportunity to see a leading character express her bisexuality on screen, I’m gonna be mad.

We could go on for days about bi-erasure in the media, but this probably isn’t the time or place. Needless to say it’s a real and prevalent issue, and if Sweet Vicious is primed and ready to run with a story like this, then let them.

Everyone knows that television shows don’t just happen. That they take money, time, manpower and dedication. But the MTV generation is ready for these types of stories. Heck, the world in general is ready for them.

We just need a little more time to help people find the show. We need you to give us a second to channel our energy into forcing our friends to tune in and become hooked.

Otherwise, we may direct all of our pent up anger onto you…

Okay, okay, okay. Enough with the veiled threats. (Who do I think I am? A part of the Trump Administration?) It’s just really important to remember that this show matters. It’s saying specific things at a specific time and it’s vital you give them the space to do that.

How about this? If you promise to consider renewing the show, we’ll promise to champion it and get it the recognition it deserves. A win-win all around!

Will you try to hook everyone you know on ‘Sweet Vicious’?

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