11:00 am EDT, February 17, 2017

‘Sweet/Vicious’ quiz: Which badass lady are you most like?

Jules, Ophelia, and Kennedy are amazingly badass women, each in their own unique way. Which one of these lovely ladies are you most like?

Sure, these ladies are all strong women with good heads on their shoulders, but just like women in real life, each one of them has their strengths and weaknesses. Its those characteristics that make them who they are, that make them truly special. And the way these characters own all of their strengths and weaknesses? Well, that’s what makes them badass.

Knowing which Sweet/Vicious woman you’re most like can say quite a bit about you and allow you to own your personal badassness. Are you physically and mentally strong like Jules or incredibly fierce like Ophelia? Or perhaps you’re driven and supportive like Kennedy. Maybe you’re just one of these things. Maybe you’re all of these things (because these three lovely ladies share quite a few traits in common).

Who knows, perhaps by taking this quiz, you’ll realize something new about yourself (like why you may have rooted for one of these Sweet/Vicious ladies more than the others while watching the show, for instance). You could have some sort of epiphany and realize =you were meant to do something very specific in your life, such as learning martial arts or landing a particular high-profile internship. But you’ll never truly know until you take the quiz.

Sure, you don’t need to know which character you’re most like… No, wait. Actually, you do. You do and you need to know right now. So take our quiz, mull over the results for a bit, and let us know your results in the comments section below!

Which ‘Sweet/Vicious’ lady are you? (And do you agree?)

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