12:45 pm EDT, August 8, 2013

‘Supernatural’ stars pledge not to text and drive

Watch Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles pledge not to text and drive in a new PSA below.

In this ad for the It Can Wait campaign, Padalecki and Ackles talk about their families as reasons not to text while behind the wheel.

“Being a father is the greatest role in the world,” Padalecki says. “Hearing my son’s laughter is one of the greatest things ever.”

“I can’t wait for my child’s first words, first steps,” Ackles adds. “There are so many moments that I don’t want to miss.”

“And that’s why we’re taking the pledge.”

From the It Can Wait website, the pledge means:

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No text message, email, website or video is worth the risk of endangering my life or the lives of others on the road. I pledge never to text and drive and will take action to educate others about the dangers of texting while driving. No text is worth the risk. It can wait.

Padalecki and Ackles both do a lot to give back, so long-time fans shouldn’t be surprised to see them taking on such a good cause. The exposure of a commercial, though, was a pleasant surprise.

Though Supernatural is one of the current longest running shows on television as it enters its ninth season, it’s a niche series and airs on a small network, so its stars rarely get advertising spots like this.

Supernatural season 9 premieres on Tuesday, October 8 at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.

Will you join the ‘Supernatural’ stars in taking the pledge?

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