Supernatural season 8 premieres this October on The CW, and now you can watch a thrilling new promo hinting at the season’s storyline!

In the promo, we learn that another year has passed in between seasons, and one of the brothers once again returns to the other – but this time, neither one seems to have changed, and the hug they share is genuine.

The show is also bringing back Kevin Tran, the high school student who became a prophet last season. He has had a new vision, which sets the Winchesters on a new quest: to close the gates of Hell forever!

While the story will be set in this time, the promo does hint to flashbacks that will show Dean’s time in Purgatory, and what happened to Castiel.

This season of Supernatural seems ready to give the show a fresh start and set Sam and Dean on an action-packed new adventure. New showrunner Jeremy Carver has talked in several interviews about how he is hoping to bring some energy back into the series after the “burdensome” seventh season.

Are you looking forward to Supernatural returning? Do you think it still has some stories left to tell, after seven years of saving people and hunting things?

The show returns on October 3, and note the new day: season 8 will now air on Wednesdays!

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