Although a Supernatural season 8 renewal is far from certain, executive producer Robert Singer has offered his thoughts on the direction the show would take.

After all this angst, Singer tells EW that the eighth season would likely take the show back to its roots:

I think you’ll see coming up that Sam’s Lucifer problem certainly lessens. That carried a lot of water this year. Jared really had the brunt of the emotional story. And I think going into next year — and, God, we haven’t talked about this — but just in my opinion, I think we’d be well served to get back to where this whole thing started — as we used to say, saving people and killing things.

Further, he also says that he’d like to move away from the angst:

I’d like to make it a good, kind of wild western yarn and try to leave the angst behind. I mean, there’s always going to be angst on this show, but I think we’ve kind of wrung it out a lot this year. So we might lighten it up a tad next year.

The show certainly has become exceedingly darker these past few years. As season 8 would likely be Supernatural‘s final year (though theoretically The CW could just keep renewing it), taking it full circle would make sense. At the same time, we have heard the producers say before that they’d take the show back to its early season format, so let’s take this with a grain of salt.

Where would you like to see Supernatural take Sam and Dean next year?

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