7:10 pm EDT, July 24, 2016

‘Supernatural’s’ Jensen Ackles: Dean will channel Liam Neeson from ‘Taken’ in search for Sam

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In Supernatural season 12, we’re gonna get back to basics with the brothers — once they reunite, and figure out how they feel about Mary’s return. Find out what Jensen Ackles can tease about Dean’s new journey!

When we left the brothers in the season 11 finale, Sam thought Dean was dead, Mary Winchester returned, and Sam was taken.

In season 12, Dean not only has to rescue his brother (once he realizes he’s missing), but he also has to figure out how he feels about his mom re-joining the family business.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Jensen Ackles revealed what we can expect from the first few episodes of Supernatural season 12. Watch the full interview below:

“There’s a lot of mixed emotion,” Jensen Ackles says of Mary Winchester’s return. “I think he’s confused, he’s excited, but you have to remember that she’s a stranger to him. And he’s a stranger to her.”

We’ll see Mary having to adjust to modern technology, which Ackles says “is gonna be a little strenuous for the relationship.” Plus, he says, “she now has to deal with the fact that both of her sons are living hunter lives — the exact lives that she tried so desperately to get out of when she was alive.”

“And so, you know, there’s gonna be some tension, there’s gonna be some emotion,” Ackles teases. “Sure, there’s joy, but there’s a lot of hesitancy there too, because now she’s also another avenue to get at the brothers. [If] something happens to her, then you know… so there’s vulnerability that comes with her presence.”

As for Dean and Sam, Dean obviously still doesn’t know about Sam being gone, while Sam thinks that Dean is dead.

“So for all intents and purposes, Sam’s going, ‘Well, my brother’s not gonna come for me, because he suicide-bombed the darkness,'” says Ackles. “So Dean’s gotta quickly figure out that something’s wrong and Sam’s gone, cause he’s gonna basically come home and be like, ‘Hey, Mom’s back! Sam?!’ So that’s kind of where we pick up in the beginning of the season. And then it very quickly becomes, you know, Liam Neeson from Taken. Dean’s coming to the rescue.”

We’re gonna see Supernatural “go back to the basics” in season 12 — when the brothers eventually reunite.

“Dean and Sam get back together eventually, I don’t know when, I haven’t read that script yet,” Ackles says. “But eventually it’ll get back to them taking cases, driving down the road, listening to rock music and hunting things that go bump in the night. … I think that even though Dean would love to kind of do something a little bit more finalizing with whatever the supernatural world is, it’s what he knows, so he’s gonna go back to doing what he does best. I’m excited about it.”

Supernatural returns in the fall for season 12!

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