The CW has released seven new promo photos from the eighth episode of Supernatural season 8, “Hunteri Heroici.”

KSiteTV has the images:

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Thinking that the anvil images look a bit… cartoonish? Well, that’s the point! This episode will explore the effects of cartoon physics being applied in the real world.

According to the episode synopsis, “Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he’s decided to become a hunter like them,” which we think is pretty interesting since Castiel has been fighting alongside the Winchesters for years now, but, as an angel, has been a bit overpowered to be a hunter.

“Sam and Dean aren’t sold on the idea but agree to investigate a case Cas found where a man’s heart literally burst through his chest.” We’re thinking this sounds a lot like a cartoon character’s reaction to falling in love. Upon investigation, “[t]he guys discover there has been more than one odd murder in the small town and all of them resemble cartoon deaths.”

As seen in a couple of the above photos, M*A*S*H alum Mike Farrell will guest star in this episode as Fred Jones, who showrunner Jeremy Carver describes as “an aging mentalist with a slippery grasp on reality.”

“Hunteri Heroici” airs Wednesday, November 28.

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