The CW has released a promo and sneak peek from the seventh episode of Supernatural‘s eighth season, “A Little Slice of Kevin.”

In this clip, we see Kevin and his mother, who have been missing since they fled at the end of “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”, staying in an abandoned bar. Kevin is drenched in holy water when he walks back in due to his mother’s paranoia about being possessed.

After Kevin fixes the melted salt line at the door, he tells his mother that they have hex bags that make them invisible to demons, anti-demon sigils painted all over the walls, and even the anti-possession tattoos the Winchesters made them get.

But that is not the life Mrs. Tran wants for either her or her son. Having decided that they need to go on the offensive rather than continuing to live off the grid, she found a witch on Craigslist to help them build the demon bomb that Kevin made the last time he was taken by demons, since the ingredients would be nearly impossible for them to find alone.

Considering the luck the Winchesters have had with witches in the past, we’re betting this won’t go well.

We also have the promo that aired after last night’s episode, “Southern Comfort,” which previews Castiel’s return:

“A Little Slice of Kevin” will air on Wednesday, November 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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