The CW has released a preview and a sneak peek from the sixth episode of Supernatural‘s eighth season, “Southern Comfort.”

Garth, according to the episode synopsis, “has assumed Bobby’s duties,” though Dean is not happy about it. However, “Garth points out that both Sam and Dean have been missing for the last year and someone needed to do it.”

In this clip, we see Garth and Dean sitting in a motel room researching the case of the week. When Garth misuses Bobby’s trademark term “idjit” and tries to press Dean into talking about the tension between him and Sam since Bobby had been there for them, Dean, who has not had the time to properly mourn Bobby’s death, snaps that Garth is not Bobby.

Garth, on the verge of tears, retorts that Bobby belonged to the entire hunting community, not just Dean and Sam. Feeling bad about yelling, Dean offers his own brand of olive branch by bringing the discussion back to the case at hand.

We also have the preview that aired after last week’s episode, “Blood Brother,” hinting at a confrontation between the brothers over Dean keeping Benny a secret and Sam’s year away from hunting:

Are you looking forward to seeing Garth in ‘Supernatural’ again?

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