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300 urgent questions for ‘Supernatural’ to answer by episode 300

Supernatural season 14 will see the show reach a huge milestone — but before then, we’ve got a few questions about what the hell is going on.

After the Supernatural season 14 premiere ‘Stranger in a Strange Land,’ there was plenty to reflect on in-depth as the show took its time setting the mood for the season to come. The second installment, ‘Gods and Monsters,’ was, in contrast, a dizzying plot-filled hour that left a whole lot of “wha?” and “huh?” in its wake — as the kids say, everything happens so much.

Nick’s apparently a crazy murderer with Lucifer-like instincts and Jack’s apparently entered his rebellious teen phase and Cas has apparently turned his self-actualization dial up to 11 and Michael’s apparently beta-testing monster upgrades, and, most importantly, Dean’s apparently back, apparently free – but no one knows why.

It’s safe to say that this episode left us with one or two or a few more questions, and thinking about those led to one or two… hundred… more.

Given that Supernatural will reach the huge milestone of its 300th hour of television this season (the episode is promised to be a mundane look at Sam and Dean’s daily life in their adopted hometown of Lebanon, Kansas) I put my head together with a few of my Supernatural fandom friends to come up with 300 questions that we want to see answered by episode 300 (or, you know, sometime this season, or whenever the show sees fit) and the result is this – honestly in no way exhaustive – list.

Please keep in mind that these questions are not critical. They are not intended to poke holes in the show or point out things that don’t make sense — they’re merely obsessive ramblings that prove how deeply invested we are in the fictional realism of this world and that no matter how well Supernatural feeds us, we’re always hungry for more.

300 questions that ‘Supernatural’ season 14 needs to answer

  1. What was it like for Sam and Jack when Lucifer’s body woke up?
  2. What were Sam’s interactions with Nick like these past few weeks?
  3. Crowley appeared to have re-animated an empty zombie vessel. How is Nick even back in his body?
  4. Does he have a soul?
  5. Does Nick have any residual grace left in him, like Sam had Gadreel’s?
  6. If so, is it Lucifer’s or Jack’s?
  7. Is he telling the truth about how much he remembers about being with Lucifer?
  8. Why was there no evidence about Nick’s family’s murder?
  9. Why did Arty change his story?
  10. Did he kill Nick’s family?
  11. Did Lucifer possess Arty, or someone else, to kill Nick’s family and leave Nick open to possession?
  12. Did Nick kill his own family in cold blood?
  13. Did Nick have these murder blackout issues pre-Lucifer?
  14. Is he going to return to the Bunker and pretend to be innocent?
  15. Is Lucifer lying dormant within him?
  16. If not, what’s with the Lucifer killing snap?
  17. Does being possessed meld the vessel and angel’s behavior together and leave that influence?
  18. Is Dean at risk of this with Michael?
  19. What does Michael’s better world actually look like?
  20. What exactly went wrong during Michael’s first attempts at world domination, in Apocalypse World?
  21. What exactly needs to change this time around for him to succeed here?
  22. What’s the state of things in Apocalypse World now, without Michael?
  23. Is Michael happy to leave his angelic allies in Apocalypse World behind?
  24. Will we return at all to the Cage, and our world’s Michael?
  25. Given how loyal that Michael was to his father and his fate, how does this Michael truly feel about God?
  26. Could something we don’t know about God be the catalyst for Michael’s behavior?
  27. Is he doing this to God’s beloved humanity as a way of getting back at his father?
  28. Is the God Michael mentions the same one as ours — did Chuck Shurley create all the universes?
  29. Are he and Amara off on vacation in another one right now?
  30. Are they invested in what’s going on with Michael and Dean at all?
  31. Are they even aware?
  32. Will God ever come back?
  33. If he does, will he be in the same vessel, or a new one?
  34. We know different versions of angels exist in each alternate universe. Are there alternate versions of God?
  35. If there is really only one Chuck, is he aware he created divergent worlds?
  36. Does he care?
  37. The Apocalypse World diverged relatively recently, especially considering the lifespan of an angel. What about the Apocalypse fundamentally changed this Michael from the one we met in season 5?
  38. Or is this exactly what our Michael also would have done if he’d been given free rein?
  39. Is Michael’s quest an evangelical and righteous one, in his eyes?
  40. What does he, personally, get out of making an unkillable monster?
  41. Is his obsession with purity real?
  42. Is his offer magnanimous?
  43. Or is he consciously power-hungry and looking for acolytes?
  44. Why did his vampire trials fail?
  45. Why did his werewolf trials succeed?
  46. How many types of monsters can Michael successfully improve?
  47. Does the upgrade have to be applied on a one-by-one basis, or can he will it into being across the world?
  48. Will mixing monster blood with grace have any cosmic consequences?
  49. Will any monsters oppose this new regime?
  50. Why did Michael set a trap for Dean’s family, just to let Dean go?
  51. Has Michael really actually left Dean?
  52. If no, what is his game, hiding inside him?
  53. If yes, why did he dump Dean?
  54. Who will his new vessel be?
  55. Will it be Nick?
  56. Either way, when and how will Michael re-enter the story?
  57. What else was Michael doing in those three weeks, besides asking people what they want?
  58. What did Dean suffer at his hands?
  59. Will Dean’s time doing harm under Michael’s control reawaken his “torture student of Alastair” trauma at all?
  60. Will that angel exorcism Alastair knew ever come up again?
  61. Is Apocalypse World Alastair still kicking?
  62. Why did Dean’s rejection of consent not work on Michael?
  63. Given that a vessel should be able to cast an angel out by revoking consent, what was Michael’s strategy to keep Dean suppressed most of the time?
  64. What did he mean when he said he owns Dean?
  65. Does Michael have the ability to re-possess Dean, to come and go at will without further consent?
  66. Given that Michael had access to Dean’s mind, which memories of Dean’s did Michael exploit?
  67. If Michael is really still in Dean — or if he re-possesses him — will we get to see Dean fight for the rights to himself?
  68. Will we get to see the initial moment he said yes — a flashback to the missed scene in the season 13 finale?
  69. Would a demon be able to help Dean expel Michael, like Crowley did with Gadreel?
  70. Can it be Apocalypse Alastair?
  71. Or Meg?
  72. Or Bela?
  73. Or Crowley?
  74. Dean’s sacrificed himself and done terrible things before. Is this time different?
  75. Will Dean’s promised PTSD be about the actual acts Michael committed, or more about his sheer lack of autonomy?
  76. How does he deal with the aftermath of his possession?
  77. Michael’s awfulness aside, what’s Dean’s experience of angelic awareness like – especially in the moments when he got to “drive”?
  78. Will it fundamentally change him or his outlook in any way?
  79. Does experiencing the world through an angel’s eyes change anything in how Dean perceives Cas’s angelhood?
  80. Without Dean Winchester, who was Apocalypse World’s Righteous Man?
  81. Given the Cain and Abel bloodlines, was there another Michael Sword in that world?
  82. Are there alternate Empties?
  83. Alternate versions of Death?
  84. What was Apocalypse Gabriel like?
  85. What does the Archangel Blade mean for Gabriel’s vessel?
  86. Was Gabriel’s body actually even a vessel, given that he took the image of Loki?
  87. Is Michael’s power currently being drawn from this world’s heaven, or his own?
  88. Despite his rejection of Anael, will Michael try to visit this world’s Heaven, or take it over?
  89. Could his grace affect the stability of this world’s heaven in any way, or are they incompatible?
  90. Prior to the Great Fall, Cas’s powers have been weakened before, because he was cut off from Heaven. Does lack of “heavenly battery” mean that the remaining angels are all weakened?
  91. How exactly do (compatible) heaven and grace affect one another?
  92. How many angels, specifically, are left?
  93. How many does it take to keep Heaven functioning?
  94. Is the “ghost apocalypse” actually going to happen if Heaven collapses?
  95. If the ghosts do fall, will we see any old friends?
  96. Will all the remaining angels fall and embrace humanity?
  97. Is Michael’s read on Anael accurate? Does she really have human motivations now?
  98. Why?
  99. What happened to her after leaving Lucifer in Heaven?
  100. Is she acting in good faith?
  101. How did she get Sam’s phone number?
  102. Does the look at Michael through Anael’s eyes count as an angelic “true form,” even though he’s in a vessel?
  103. If not, will we ever get to see a real true form?
  104. Will we ever get to see Cas via “angelvision”?
  105. What exactly is the significance of the powerful angel wings title card?
  106. What will happen in Hell with no structure?
  107. Will the demons oppose Michael?
  108. Why do the demons obey Sam?
  109. Is this gonna come back to haunt him?
  110. Is Sam the de facto king of Hell now?
  111. Does Sam still have any latent psychic powers?
  112. If he’s repressed them, will Lucifer’s death break that dam?
  113. Would he ever embrace using them in a healthy way?
  114. Will Jack’s powers come back?
  115. What are the scope of Jack’s powers, if he gains full control of them? Same as an angel’s? Different?
  116. If his grace comes back, can Jack actually make more angels to replenish Heaven?
  117. In the meantime, will Jack find his weapon of choice without his powers?
  118. Can it be magic?
  119. Is Jack’s desire to get his grace back narratively right or wrong?
  120. What will happen if he doesn’t get his powers back?
  121. What will it take for him to feel okay without them?
  122. What is the state of Castiel’s power?
  123. Why didn’t he spot the demons in the bar?
  124. Why couldn’t Cas smite the demons?
  125. Why didn’t he heal himself?
  126. Is he drained due to the state of Heaven?
  127. Is he holding back on purpose in order to set a good example for Jack?
  128. Will he ever choose to actually become human, no “bells and whistles?”
  129. If so, could he practice Enochian magic?
  130. Has Cas told any of the others about killing his alternate self? Will he?
  131. How did Cas get in contact with Kip?
  132. What other Hell contacts does he have?
  133. Does Cas have a soul to bargain with, should that ever come up?
  134. If so, when did it develop? When he actually became human, or when he fell and embraced free will?
  135. What does it mean for an angel – not a nephilim – to have both a soul and grace?
  136. Does the grace diminish as the soul gets stronger?
  137. Is that an explanation for the weakness of the angels of the Winchester world?
  138. Will Cas confront Naomi again?
  139. Cas is still very hung up about the Novak family – will we see more of that?
  140. Will Castiel’s paper trail as Jimmy Novak ever come into play, for better or worse?
  141. What will Cas learn about himself from his pep talks to Nick?
  142. What will Cas learn about himself from his pep talks to Jack?
  143. Will anything come of Jack and Cas’s conflict over saving Dean?
  144. Will the refugees bring their own killing Michael vs saving Dean conflict to the Bunker, as hinted?
  145. Given their history with angels, what do the refugees think of living with Cas?
  146. Do all the hunter refugees live in the bunker?
  147. How many of them? What are their names?
  148. Will any of the Apocalypse World refugees encounter their Winchester World counterparts?
  149. Will any of them encounter loved ones that died in Apocalypse World?
  150. Are there still other humans there the refugees want to go back for?
  151. Will they want to return and rebuild Apocalypse World at all?
  152. How were their Bunker household roles established?
  153. Is there a chore wheel?
  154. Are any of them working with a therapist? They should be.
  155. Is it Mia? It should be.
  156. What are the biggest advancements that the refugees missed given that their normal society came to a halt a decade ago?
  157. What are the best new outside-the-box tricks of the trade they can bring to Sam and co.?
  158. How’s Maggie dealing with post-resurrection life?
  159. How did Maggie, specifically, get drawn so closely into the Winchester fold?
  160. How does day to day leadership of the refugees play out between Bobby, Mary, and Sam?
  161. How does Sam feel about his role as general in terms of the opportunity to combine resources and organize?
  162. How does Sam feel about his role of general in terms of an army of hunters literally calling him Chief and Sir?
  163. How will Dean feel about that?
  164. How will Sam react if a choice he makes as an appointed leader ends badly?
  165. How will Dean react to other people cooking in his kitchen?
  166. Will we see the rest of the US hunters come together under Sam to deal with Michael like they did to deal with the BMoL?
  167. Will we visit any more Men of Letters capitula and meet more legacies?
  168. Are there Men of Letters in other countries aside from the USA and the UK?
  169. Other than Ketch, do the Brits – the ones who didn’t travel over on the US mission – take any interest in the Michael situation?
  170. Given his current quest, does Ketch still have access to the British Men of Letters resources?
  171. Can Ketch really be trusted?
  172. Can Rowena really be trusted?
  173. Will Sam be confronted with the possibility of killing Rowena again?
  174. Will it be by pulling the plug on her life support after 50 years of marriage?
  175. Will Rowena ever make Sam a true student of magic?
  176. What have Charlie and Rowena been up to on their road trip?
  177. Has Charlie been learning any spells?
  178. How is Charlie adapting to modern computing technology?
  179. Does new Bobby share old Bobby’s passion for collecting lore, and if so, will he get to geek out over all the Men of Letters records?
  180. How did the absence of Sam, Dean and John change the trajectory of Bobby’s life – aside from not dying?
  181. How is Dean going to feel about spending time with the new Charlie?
  182. Will we see any heartache over the reality without knowing the boys, their lost loved ones would have survived?
  183. Are there any other significant dead friends who may have doppelgangers out there – like Jess, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Pamela, Missouri, Eileen, Benny…
  184. Will the alternate versions of Bobby and Charlie allow us to learn more about their original counterparts?
  185. Like, say, a walk-down-memory-lane flashback episode through Sam or Dean’s eyes that compares and contrasts?
  186. Like, say, a memory of Sam and Bobby getting pedicures?
  187. Or, say, Dean and Charlie going to a convention?
  188. How would heaven!Bobby feel about meeting alt!Bobby?
  189. Will Bobby return to Sioux Falls? (The one in this world?)
  190. Did Bobby know Jody in his world?
  191. Will Mary and Jody reunite?
  192. Will it be awkward, after the whole brainwashed assassination attempt thing?
  193. Does Mary remain close to Jack after their time in Apocalypse World?
  194. How will Mary’s relationship with her sons evolve this season? (They spent nearly all of season 13 apart!)
  195. Will Jack’s experience with his abusive father bring up anything about Sam and Dean’s abusive father?
  196. Will Mary ever explore the truth about John further, and come to terms with it?
  197. Are Mary and Bobby already together?
  198. How will Sam and Dean react to this pairing?
  199. Will Jody find that very weird?
  200. Will Sam and Jody ever admit that they’re MFEO?
  201. Will Dean or Mary find that very weird?
  202. Will Rowena ever meet the Wayward women?
  203. Will Charlie?
  204. Will Cas and Jody ever share screen time?
  205. Have they canonically met offscreen?
  206. How does Jody feel about Cas’s role as a father figure in Claire’s life?
  207. Will we ever get another Cas and Claire episode?
  208. How would Claire feel about Cas’s relationship with Jack?
  209. Does Claire know that Cas died?
  210. What else have the Wayward women been up to lately?
  211. Is Claire sticking with her plan to stay in Sioux Falls?
  212. Is there enough hunting there to keep her busy?
  213. Which family member finds her more cases: the sheriff or the ER nurse?
  214. Will we ever see Claire use that angel sword?
  215. Will Alex get to dissect any more monsters?
  216. Have Alex and Claire ever compared notes on being turned into a vampire and werewolf respectively?
  217. What has Donna been doing since “Breakdown?”
  218. How’s post-vampirism Doug? (Do we care?)
  219. More importantly, how’s Wendy?
  220. Will Donna introduce her to the other girls?
  221. Will Cas and Donna ever meet?
  222. Is Patience still living with Jody?
  223. Has she killed any more monsters?
  224. Has she met any other psychics?
  225. Has she reunited with her father?
  226. Was the brooch that Missouri gave Patience significant?
  227. Will Missouri be able to use it to communicate with her somehow?
  228. Will we get another Ronson cameo?
  229. How does someone get to be psychic, if not by demonic blood transfusions?
  230. We’ve seen psychic powers present in a variety of ways. What exactly can Patience do?
  231. Will someone help Patience learn to manage her powers?
  232. Can it be Sam?
  233. What happened to original, possibly dead Kaia after “Wayward Sisters?”
  234. What has the new, dark Kaia been doing since “Wayward Sisters?”
  235. When did the Bad Place split off from our timeline, and how?
  236. How did Jack find out about dreamwalkers?
  237. Are there other dreamwalkers out there?
  238. Will we learn anything about the other alternate universes painted by Derek Swan?
  239. How did that portal into Sioux Falls (at the end of Wayward Sisters) open?
  240. Will it open again?
  241. Did anything else crawl through any of the rifts from any of the other world while they weren’t paying attention?
  242. How does Billie feel about Kaia’s whole world-hopping self-stabbing act?
  243. Is she invested in the outcome of this Michael-on-Earth business?
  244. What’s Billie’s endgame here — what’s the larger picture she sees?
  245. What’s the job that she claims Dean still has to do?
  246. Is Jessica the reaper still following the boys around?
  247. What, if anything, might make her reveal herself?
  248. How might Michael’s enhancements affect the “still-evil-but-wants-to-pass-as-human” monster population?
  249. Would they be for or against him?
  250. “Breakdown” alluded to there being many more monsters out there than the boys have been aware of. Will this come up again?
  251. How are our friendly neighborhood werewolves doing? Garth and Bess? Kate?
  252. What are Aaron Bass and his golem up to?
  253. What’s Alice (Smash) up to?
  254. What’s Krissy Chambers up to?
  255. How about Max and Twig Alicia Banes?
  256. Can someone in Team Free Will please just study witchcraft as a beneficial hunting tool a la Max Banes?
  257. Have Jesse and Cesar managed to stay out of the hunting life?
  258. What’s Lily Sunder been up to?
  259. Has any other human ever wielded Enochian magic?
  260. How would Lily Sunder feel about Jack if she met him?
  261. Aside from Mary and Bobby, what are the most important friendships and relationships Jack formed in his months in the other world?
  262. Will he form any other new relationships inside or outside the Bunker family?
  263. Will he ever reconnect with his first friends, Clark and Christine Barker?
  264. Will he see his grandparents again?
  265. Will they ever find out who he really is?
  266. How did Jack even get to his grandparents?
  267. Can he drive?
  268. Have we been robbed of a scene where Dean teaches Jack to drive in the Impala?
  269. Will we ever see Cas drive the Impala?
  270. Does Cas have a room in the bunker? Do we ever get to see it?
  271. What car is he currently driving?
  272. Where else would he keep the mixtape Dean made for him?
  273. What songs are on that goddamn tape?
  274. Will we see more scenes of Sam and Cas one-on-one?
  275. Will Dean be weird about it?
  276. Will the whole family celebrate Dean’s 40th birthday this coming January?
  277. How about Jack’s birthday?
  278. Thanksgiving?
  279. Will Dean get to eat any pie?
  280. Christmas?
  281. Will Jack get a lightsaber?
  282. Will we finally get to see Sam and Dean’s “sacred, annual pilgrimage” to Vegas?
  283. Will we get to see a movie night in the Dean Cave?
  284. Will Sam ever get the dog he so clearly deserves?
  285. Do Sam and Dean have primary care physicians, or does Cas just fix them up on a daily basis?
  286. Who cuts their hair?
  287. Where do they get groceries?
  288. Do they have to go farther for the good stuff? Brioche buns aren’t exactly a dime a dozen in a town that size.
  289. Who sells them copious amounts of rock salt every month?
  290. Where do they shop for clothes?
  291. Do the boys have a laundry room in the bunker? If not, why not? They’ve got a shooting range for Christ’s sake.
  292. Does Dean still iron their shirts with beer?
  293. How do they get access to money these days?
  294. Did Charlie set them up with a secret account before she died?
  295. Does Sam sell Men of Letters artifacts on the black market?
  296. Will we see any of the previous local characters in a Lebanon episode? Donnie the bartender? Brenda at the hardware store? Woman Henry bought supplies from in “As Time Goes By? Elderly ex-Men of Letters?
  297. Does Donnie remember the whole Crowley/Rowena/pool hustling disaster?
  298. What do the local cops think of Sam and Dean?
  299. What do townspeople say about the old power plant?
  300. Is anyone still alive who remembers the original Men of Letters occupying the Bunker?

‘Supernatural’ airs Thursdays, 8/7c on The CW

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