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‘Supergirl’ season 5, episode 5 review: Leviathan is coming

Supergirl 5x05 is the episode to watch, as the season-long plot is introduced.

When will we learn? Supergirl season 5, episode 5 teased the beginning to Leviathan’s plans, though they’ll likely be pushed to the second half of the season — like the Red Daughter plot was — despite being the cliffhanger.

Supergirl season 5, episode 5, even though it will surely not be one of the biggest episodes of the season, had me on the edge of my seat. From the new dynamic between William and Kara and the stress I felt during any scene at CatCo, to Lena’s experimenting on an alien that she doesn’t fully understand and is very dangerous to the world, I had to keep reminding myself to breathe.

Maybe others didn’t find it as intense as I did, but the episode was meant to invoke fear and anxiety as everything went wrong (to the point where the entire western coastline could have been hit by a tidal wave) and some of the characters kept making choices that were… questionable.

‘Supergirl’ season 5, episode 5 review

All in all, Supergirl season 5, episode 5 is a thrilling episode. It’s probably ranked as my #2 of the season, and that’s much to do with Lena’s story, Leviathan, and getting a glimpse into Andrea Rojas. As of now, I’m not convinced Andrea is a master villain; I just think her father got her into a bad business and she’s doing her best to navigate it.

That said, it’s exciting to see the investigation into Andrea, which really gives Kara something to do at work (other than being told off or telling Andrea off for her new policies about clicks). Following her Lex Luthor exposé, Kara needed something big to do, and I think she’s stumbled onto the perfect story.

However, I’m extremely disappointed that Nia wasn’t brought into the fold. Nia is partially the reason Kara was able to learn more about William and his secrets, so to exclude her just feels disrespectful, regardless of the reason. (Nia is a hero, too, and is capable of keeping herself safe, just like Kara.) I’d much rather see Kara, Nia, and William working on the story than just William and Kara because, otherwise, Nia’s left with little to do as a reporter… and we do not want to see that.

Lena’s step forward

There really is nobody smarter than Lena Luthor, is there? Only this “world-saving genius” could solve such a complex problem (with a little help, of course), and find a way to manipulate the results into what she’s attempting to do. The twist I did not see coming, as I stated in my preview of Supergirl season 5, episode 5, was obviously the moment at the end where Lena (seemingly) takes control of Malefic.

With every passing episode, it’s less clear exactly what path Lena is going down. However, it is clear, in her own twisted way, that Lena is trying to help others with her project and research. She’s not setting out with the intent of hurting anyone or killing anyone; in fact, this episode cemented that Lena won’t kill anyone and she’s trying to create a way to “fix” humanity to prevent anyone from causing harm to someone else.

I was very concerned, however, throughout the episode that Lena would actually give into Malefic’s demands, but it’s clear she’s redeemable because she did not. She was not willing to put J’onn’s life in danger, despite the hurt he (as part of her chosen family) had caused her, and Lena’s proven herself capable of being brought back from the precipice of evil.

William, Andrea, and Kara

While the most compelling plot of the episode, for me, was Lena’s, this exploration of Andrea and William’s connected backstory was also a highlight, even though the twist of William’s best friend being Rip Roar was one of the most predictable of the entire series. I believe it’s clear, since it’s only episode 5 of 22, that Andrea is likely not a villain, or at least not a villain worth focusing on. She’s being used by Leviathan, and she’ll probably end up just a pawn for her father’s overall goal.

After revealing his true identity to Kara, William became a bit more bearable, and I’m thankful to not see more than a friendship/colleague vibe between them. These two reporters have a lot to offer each other, and their investigation of the Rojas family and Obsidian North should be quite engrossing… let’s just hope Nia is brought in on the secret sooner rather than later.

Kelly and Brainy

First of all, let me begin with praise for Jesse Rath’s incredible performance as Brainy was taken over by the alien parasite we saw on Supergirl season 5, episode 3. It was creepy and captivating, proving Rath as yet another top talent for the CW series.

Kelly’s story on Supergirl season 5 is, honestly, incredible. The writers are making the most of having this Olsen sibling around, without leaving her in the dust as Alex’s love interest or James’ sister. She’s a star, too, and she’s getting her time to shine.

Kelly is at the center of Alex, Malefic, and Obsidian North’s stories, which puts her in a unique position to see the damage that this kind of life can do to someone. She’s likely to be in even more danger as the Andrea Rojas story heats up, and I wonder what impact it will have on her, since her work at Obsidian is actually working on her patients and making her happy.

‘Supergirl’ season 5, episode 5 final thoughts

How nice it was to see the Danvers sisters back in action (for quite a bit of the episode) on Supergirl season 5, episode 5. The relationship between Kara and Alex always should be at the forefront of the show, and I feel like it’s gotten away from that at times. Whether they’re working together in the field or helping each other as sisters, the Danvers sisters are the strongest relationship the show will ever have, so take advantage of that.

As the Leviathan plot builds, I’m wondering what will change when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” inevitably happens. That could change so much of the reality we know on Earth-38, and how much of the set-up during these episodes will even be around after? I wish Supergirl was a little more on the nose with the “Crisis” set-up, like Arrow and The Flash, because it just feels like Kara is being left in the dark and sidelined already.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW!

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