4:00 am EST, July 9, 2015

Review: ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Blindspot’ and ‘Containment’ make strong debuts at SDCC

Preview Night at Comic-Con 2015 brought us pilot screeners galore, and here are our thoughts on three of next season’s most exciting new shows.

It isn’t Comic Con if you don’t get a glimpse at the fun new shows to come, and this year was no different. Three of those new shows, Supergirl, Containment, and Blindspot left quite the impression on us. Check out our thoughts on why these are three new shows you totally want to tune into this fall.



If you love all the complications that come from being of the House of El, but are tired of having to watch Clark Kent chase after Lois Lane in yet another incarnation of their epic romance, then Supergirl is the show for you.

The focus is on Kara Zor-El, Kal-El’s cousin, and while she may daylight as an assistant at a newspaper in a city not too far from Metropolis, this is quite a different story. Gone are the complications of her loved ones not knowing her secrets, as the pilot showed her talking openly with her sister about her alien status as well as clueing in her best work buddy, Wynn. Keeping her secret from people that know and love her will not be a problem on this show, which should have fans breathing a sigh of relief.

On top of that, Kara’s desire to embrace her powers is a breath of fresh air. Fans of Smallville will remember all the times that Clark just wanted to blend in and stop feeling different from everyone else, but Kara is exactly his opposite. She has been advised by her family to keep her identity a secret, but she is ready to be loud and proud about her ability to save people from death and destruction. If the show continues to defy the tropes that have plagued Superman adaptations for decades, it should have no problem watching the ratings go up, up, and away.

Supergirl debuts on Oct. 26 on CBS.



If a surrealist sense of style is what’s been missing from your police dramas, NBC’s Blindspot will more than scratch that itch. Thor‘s Jaimie Alexander stars as an amnesiac who turns up in a duffle bag in Times Square, her body etched with bizarre tattoos. Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is the FBI agent assigned to her case — because his name is written across her back.

Shot in a flickering staccato and laced with sequences lingering on Alexander’s lean, engraved figure, Blindspot spins out its strange intrigue like the dense patterns across Jane Doe’s body — though contrived, it undeniably demands attention.

In the fast-paced pilot, Alexander more than earns her starring role as the woman who finds horrifying surprise in the world around her and her own psyche; Stapleton though, is much less interesting than the witty tech and medical team who surrounds him at the FBI. Still, with an unexpectedly robust cast and a literal body-full of mysteries to solve, Blindspot is an intriguing and promising new entry on this Fall’s television season.

Blindspot debuts on Sept. 21 on NBC.



Fans may think they know what to expect from Julie Plec, creator of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals — but if Containment is any indication, both Ms. Plec and the CW have a broader range than suspected.

Her new series tells the story of a neighborhood in Atlanta which is quarantined after the outbreak of a deadly plague at the local hospital. The pilot episode kicks off with a brutal taste of the post-quarantine world (think corpses, looted stores, lots of screaming) and then rewinds to track the origins of the catastrophe. Pulling from everything from Lost to Contagion to recent headlines, Containment enlists a large and diverse cast to live through the explosion of the terrifying disease (or not.) A young teacher, a police officer and his commitment-phobic girlfriend, a pregnant teen, and various bemused members of the medical profession find themselves scrambling as the disease and quarantine descend — and Containment is never afraid to make viewers feel their fear.

Fearless, sharp, and notably “grown-up,” the show is all but unrecognizable as a CW series; and with the promise of chaos and horror ahead, it looks like such stereotypes — as well as the trappings of civilization — will be left far behind in Containment‘s wake.

Containment will air mid-season on the CW.

Written by Michal Schick and Kristen Kranz.

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